#throwback 2014 (Part 1)

January 01, 2015

Sorry for the delay but here's part 1 of my #throwback 2014 posts! :D

Anyway, I'll be splitting my #throwback 2014 posts into 2 parts and I'll posting another one up tomorrow! ;) Take note that this is not a review of 2014 but to clear all the pictures that I didn't manage to post them up on this space in 2014. And all these pictures are actually from August onwards as that was the period when I started working officially as a Social Media Manager in a Digital Marketing Agency. More of my working experience in another post, I would really wanna share them with you guys all the stories!

home cooked french food

Celebrated National Day with my bffs (Fingers) at A's place. Delicious home cooked food ftw! We're in for a treat!
Sautéed potatoes, quiche and marinated chicken which is all prepared by one person!

home cooked french food

Marinated chicken with various herbs, which taste super good!


Quiche was a little burnt at the top but STILL DAMN delicious! Taking into account that only one person was preparing all these in such a short hour, I think it's not even an issue for that little burnt. It doesn't even have the burnt smell/taste when we ate it.

home cooked french food

Sautéed potatoes!

home cooked french food

There were even starters before the main dishes! So thoughtful and so well-prepared!

toasted bread

Crunchy bread biscuit as we accompanied it with tuna, cheese and ham.

kx ting angie

The ladies digging in and starting with the food.


Amazing time spent together at an amazing place with amazing people! Thanks A! ;)

dessert fruits

Never forget dessert! Fresh fruits was also prepared too! So effort!

dessert tarts

Some tarts which was bought by Fingers.

dessert cake

And also cakes! #whichiamnotreallyafanof


Here's a shot of the majestic cat that was at the house, drinking water from the tap.

PS CAFE pizza and fries

Takeaway supper from PS.Cafe! Quite love their food!


typicalben clarke quay

Random snap taken by Sam when I went to meet her and Jayne for dinner!


typicalben mum birthday

Mummy's birthday was in August too!

typicalben mum birthday cake

Had a mini celebration with her at home! Ran bought the cake for her!

typicalben mum birthday family group photo

Family photo and I looked really messy as I just woke up from my sleep when they took it lol.


Bollywood Veggies

Went to Bollywood Veggies which was located in the Kranji Countryside for lunch!

typicalben Bollywood Veggies

Kinda losing the art of taking selfie hahaha! As you can all see that all my latest Instagram photos are not selfies anymore!

Bollywood Veggies lemongrass drink

Homemade lemongrass drink!

Bollywood Veggies food

Food! All these vegetables that they used are the ones they planted!

typicalben paul

After that, back to the 'city' to have a hot chocolate drink!

typicalben causal ootd

Causal outfit for the day! All items are from Chatuchak, Bangkok.


IDS clinic typicalben

Went to IDS Clinic for my review! And it's been so long since I went back after this session due to work. Gonna go back this month for my review I guess. Anyway, Dr Tan is checking my condition and he's always pleased that it's consistently improving!

IDS clinic typicalben 2

Preparing to take photos of the latest condition of my face.

IDS clinic typicalben 3

Did a quick laser to remove an oil bump on my cheek too! Painless and fast!

IDS clinic products

Replenished all my products as well! Thank you IDS Clinic for taking care of my face! ;)


typicalben stripes

Brought camera out during lunch time to snap some photos!

typicalben ootd

At one of the alley near my (ex) office!


speishi bongqiuqiu

Attended Bloggerati launch, and here you have Peishi and Qiu werking for the camera! :'D

typicalben qiuqiu

With Qiu jie!

xiaxue speishi randyys qiuqiu yutaki sophie typicalben

Al of us look so good here! ;)

typicalben melissackoh randyys

With Mel!

typicalben peishi randyys

With Peishi!

typicalben formal wear

Peishi helped me to snap some pictures outside after the event ended.

typicalben formal ootd

Love this candid shot!

peishi randyys

Both of them trying to inject some 'feelings' into the picture? Hahaha!

tcc spaghetti

Went for Supper at TCC cause we were hungry! Ordered pasta to share!

tcc wings

And also their wings too! I love chicken wings! :D


souffle spain

Eug passed me this when she came back from her trip to Spain. I never tried it before and initially when I first had a bite, I thought it taste weird but once you munch on it a little longer, it's surprisingly good! It taste like one of the snack from Aussie though.

souffle spain note

At the back, there's also a sweet note! Thank you! :')


typicalben jayley hayley peishi randy rachell

Celebrated Peishi's birthday with these girls! Had an awesome time together with so much laughter!



Went Capella to chill during the weekends and had some drinks!


Beautiful peacocks roaming around in front of us.

cappella tea

As usual, I'm having tea.

typicalben capella

It feels exceptionally good to just slow yourself down and watch the world go by.

capella peacock

The peacock is coming over!

cappella coconut ice cream fried banana

Had coconut ice cream that comes with fried bananas.

food cappella

Ordered some mains for dinner before we head back home straight.


typicalben vespa

Another set of pictures that are taken during lunch time when I was still working.

typicalben ootd

Shoes from H&M for those who are wondering and I love it! ;)

pluck menu

Went to Pluck for dinner after work!

pluck drinks

Had a special drink custom made by the barista.

pluck salad

Duck salad.


Main course!

pluck fish


typicalben pasarbella entrance

Went Pasarbella for the first time and I've been wanting to go there since April last year.


Turns out to be pretty disappointing tbh. I even think that the one that I went to in KL (Ben's Independent Grocer) is so much better.

typicalben pasarbella

In causal with my overexposed bag.

pasarbella Paella

Seafood paella!

pasarbella food

And some meat for me because I love eating meat! Hahaha!

typicalben selfie

Went for a drink afterwards!

typicalben candid

Candid shot of me messing up my hair for photos haha!

typicalben stairs

sunset singapore

The sunset was so beautiful that day! *.*

typicalben ootd shorts


typicalben Photo Booth

Photo Booth when I was chilling alone after my dental.


typicalben randyys birthday

Celebrated Ran's birthday with a family staycation!

typicalben randyys

I'm always so proud of him in whatever he do and it's a blessing to have a brother like him.


taiwei pui foong hawker centre

Met up with Taiwei and Pui after our work for dinner!

hawker food east coast

Went all the way to the east (since Taiwei is driving) for hawker food! I love hawker food so much!

typicalben hawker centre

I'm all ready to dig in!

RedDot BrewHouse drinks

After dinner, we went to RedDot BrewHouse @ Dempsey Road.

RedDot BrewHouse

First time here and the ambience was pretty good!

RedDot BrewHouse

Live band singing all our favourite songs!

typicalben pui foong taiwei RedDot BrewHouse

Group photo! I told Pui that he looks weird in all the photo because of his smile (as he just put on braces) and he suggested that we have to take nicer and proper pictures again when we meet up during mid January! Yes, we definitely have to!

bites RedDot BrewHouse

Truffle fries as snacks to accompany our drinks.

typicalben RedDot BrewHouse

Will be uploading part 2 tomorrow! As I'll be having an advert post up later as well, so the part 2 post will be below the advert post. So when you all check back tomorrow, please scroll down after the advert post for it okay! ;) Bye!


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