Super Skin Rejuvenation and ME Glow Treatment at ME Clinic

May 31, 2019

For those who love watching Korean dramas, you can’t help to envy the flawless skin of the actors/actresses. IKR, it always makes me wonder what’s their secret to that beautiful face? For me, I’ve always been wanting to try out Korean skin care treatments since people around me have been talking and raving about it. Some of my friends even flew to Korea just to do skin care treatments there. My main concerns are my dull + dry skin and I’m quite excited to do a trial treatment ME Clinic Seoul as they have an outlet now in Singapore!

Conveniently located in Chinatown, I was greeted with a warm cup of tea by their friendly staff. Right after, a skin analysis was carried out using their Skin Analysis System to measure, record surface and subsurface skin conditions such as UV spots, wrinkles, pores, and red areas.

Once we’ve identified my trouble areas and shared my concerns, we went ahead for the treatment. The recommended treatments for me are the Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR) and ME Glow Treatment.

We started off with SSR first! Basically, this treatment is great for people who are constantly exposed to the sun (like me) and it helps to help to combat pigmentation and uneven skin colour. Basically, it will remodel the skin and improve collagen production, firms the skin, tighten the pores and create an overall fuller and plumper face.

This treatment has little to no downtime, therefore it’s suitable to do at any time even if you’ve events coming up!

The next treatment is ME Glow! For ME Glow, it uses a pairing of ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid and New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF) – to stimulate a supple, healthy and radiant glow. It is then administered to my skin with a combination of the Micro-Needle Technique System (MTS), Air Jet and Cryo Cool.

The whole process was pretty fast and it was a very meticulous and painless process (also because I had numbing cream on). After that process, a stem cell mask is applied to my skin for healing and hydration.

I was informed that there might be downtime for the treatment and for me, I only had a few small scabs which are barely noticeable. After both treatments, my face did become brighter and you can immediately see a slight difference than before. As ME Clinic Seoul is an aesthetic clinic, they don’t do normal facials that help to remove blackheads, etc. which is what I'm looking for because I've got a lot of blackheads ded. But if you’re looking at trying some Korean skin care treatments for the first time, ME Clinic Seoul is a pretty good place to do so.

ME Clinic Singapore
21A Mosque Street 059501

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