new skins for new year (:

January 08, 2006


finally my blog ish BACKK on 8th jan =D . and with a new refreshin colour andd a darn 'bimbo-tic' and 'CUTE' pic as backgroundd. hahaha. nice rightt ? =x muhahahaha. i know i knoww.

it's sunday and da weather ish nicey. coldd and cold ? haha. rainn alomost da whole day and i'm goin out later so i better update this fast. ermms. i hab completedd my ONE month of workk on fri. haha. alot of ppl think i'll quit but i'll prove u all wrong alright.

just to share with u guys. didn we studied abt 'age-ing population' in sg in secondary 4 ss? it's like SG ish realli ageing alright. causee whenever i go workinn in da morinng. i'll be takin MRT ya ? da SEATS will all be filled up are goin to woby oldd peepps. and they rk or somethin. i'm likee onli da 1 teenagee among a POOL of uncles and aunties.

i urgeee-ingg singaporean to gib birth to MORE babies. to drive sg economy. LOL. and also it's saddd-enning to see sg population DECLININGG. alright.

see i'm such a nicey singaporean. haha. anyway mid of feb we will be gettin results. i think i'll GO MADDD tt day alright. i'll be like workin tml and it's mornin shift. haha. hab to go ya =D

rmb to gib more birth to babies.


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