she's backkk =D

February 23, 2006

hi all!

i'm baaaacccck!!!


2006-02-23 17:28:05
Taken from Warner Forum.

my zii ish backk frm congo. lucky she's finee and safee. lol. she's not being eaten up or somethin. and she left a msg at warner forum. lol. anyway there's a poll at iweekly sayin which artiste is MOST SUITABLE in the cabinet and zii ish in da poll too. so u all can go vote. lol.

ermm. hab beenn home afew days. surfin da webb and been tokin on phone with kx for like non-stop. 24/7. lol. life hab been quite bored actualli. but it's sure better than workin. but i'll be workin AGAIN. but this time at lotone. ermm. sakuraa lar. tt sushi thingy. lol. with tingg. so now i'm not alone.but i kinda still miss da sandwhich shop life. hals. esp. angie keep tellin me abt TSS stuff.

i hab been like busy with stuff and stuff. which i cant cater to everyone. so i cant reply everyone msg cause i dunch anyhow reply ppl de msg. ( as u all know ). and i dunch like to chat on msn cause it's too MESSY of chattin. cause there's alot of ppl chattin with me. lol. i'm not like adam who likes to chat with dozenn of ppl. i dunch realli like. cause i'll be tokin rubbish. like 'haha', 'LOL' etc. if i wan i wan chat properly lor. i mean concentrate de HAO HAO chat. (:

no offence to whoever and watever. just like to say out how i feel all these whilee. lol. OKAY. shall tok to u all tml then. takecare. cheers.


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