March 31, 2006

was readinn teenage all along cause my bro bought it everytime. i assume tt everyone most interested ish da 'Dear Kelly' section.

although i'm not really beri interested but i do read them. and i feel everyones problem ish around da same. relationship ish da MOST common man. hals. tt's da reason why after my first relationship i dunch dare to hab another one lee. hals. AIYA. but sometimes will feel like habin one de. i just wan to like tell everyone. not to fall in lub too deep and care for yr stead to a certain extent laa. if not really. beri irratatin one. and u all may not last so long.

haha. up till now i nv fall for someone like MADDNESS laa. HALS. dunch know it's a good thingy or a bad one. haha. ARGGG. so tiredd recently man. darn tiredd. and hab been crazy these few days. tokin craps online and anyhow msg ppl which i dunch usually do. so dunch mind mee for my actions recently okay.

and tml got alumini band. ermmm. and today i went to like lotone to ROT there. with ting and kx. yawnnn. anyway i go wrap my phone. as wat i call it. haha. pictures can be found at friendster =DD

so lub me now xD

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