April 13, 2006


okay. it's been great recently cause hab been slackin at home for like weeks. and guess wat i play MAPLE !! okay okay. i know alot of ppl ish goin to tell me. err.

'we dunch play maple now. we play dota' -.-'

I KNOW OKAY! but it's like. err. forget it. i dunch bother to explain. well well, other then tt i hab been sick again. flu + sorethroat. lucky it's like only 2 days. think ish nv exercise and stuff. tt's why.

aww. isn tt picture sweet. >.<
it's my brother and wanting. my cousin xD
i'm like dislike ppl who hate childrens. there ish once i went out with my friend. err. a person i know through net la. and tt person saw kids playin and say tt he/she hates children. and i'm like. WTH. i dunch understand why ppl hate small kids. arent they cute xD.

i do play with kids on streets even i do not know them and i hab evidence lor. there's once i went mac with aaron cause we are studyin for our maths o level paper. and i saw a darn cute de malay gal. and she play with me ! GUESS WAT ? her mother even request me to take photo with her daughter and son. and i caught a picture with her.

tt's da picture i took with her. NICE RIGHT !!!

okay and now about my zi. as you know she endorse 'SK JEWELLERY'. she's pretty (:
alot of pictures of her are out at newspaper like 'TODAY' and of course i hab da pics =D.

AND AND i think her last pic i posted look abit. not like her leh -.- not really nice. haha. and now to why i hab to put up such a long entry. ish cause ppl say tt everytime my entry ish so little. just now i went to see lots lots of other ppl de blog and errmm. saw some interestinn ones.

and i just feel tt my blog ish simply too DULL. haha. AND OKAY. I MISS SANDWHICH SHOP PPL !!! i miss da sandwhich. i miss da ppl. i miss da enviroment. i miss da table. i miss da chair. i miss i miss. it's like i regreted quittin da job so early. err. i should hab quit later man. aiya but say all these now also no use liao. quit = quit. but i just miss sandwhich shop. ):

I MISS TOWN. it's been dunch know when since i been to town man. after i dyee my hair. i hab not been goin out. OMG. it's like SO LONG CANN. so i think i'll be goin out like SOONN ? maybe tml ? cause there's a sentosa outinn. and sat there will be alumini band and soo I FINALLY CAN GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!! wahahahahas.

and hab been tokin on da phone quite alot. now while i'm tokin on phone conferencinn with 'fingers'. i'm like writin this entry. so sians can -.-

and now i think this entry ish LONGER than usual liao bah? haha. i dunch really write my entry tt long cause i dunch think ppl will read it. cause i dunch really read long entry. =p


i shall end here. takecares and TAGGG =p


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