be quiet and listen.

December 29, 2006

there's so many things i want to do and so many things i want to say.
i'm not sure whether i'm going for countdown this year.
friday, saturday and sunday there's work for me.
oh fart it.
i'm totally pissed off by every single thing now.

i'm lagging as usual for updates of event.
december is going to end and now i am here wanting to blog about stuff which happen on early december ;D

the vivo city grand opening

a ride on the bus

it's time to be alone

the school's reopening trailer

my lips but not on my phone

the not so benjamin toh

well, it's all up! great :D
wanted to say something here but i intended not to say cause you know what i'm thinking and what i'm going to say too.
i miss you and you miss i (:

i'm selfish and i'll really hug you tight.
wonder when will i blog again? next year or?

takecare people.


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