a protective lie ?

December 18, 2006

yes. we are having holidays now!

ohman. i dont actually miss school lah! but just to clear all those pictures which i intend to put up for blog last time.
i must somehow say..

i miss school =x

all these pictures are taken last month.
cause i've got no much time to blog lately.
well, here is it.

i'm always late for school.
i miss my daddy sending me to school in cab.

i miss the honeydew juice from the canteen.
which only cost 1 buck!

i miss the time in class.
when we are really 'anyhow-ing'

i miss my friend taking ungalm photos of me.
to be exact, BrandonMA.
when i just fold up my jeans.
and do -____________- stuff.

i miss taking pictures in school.

i miss those days when i dont lie.
ohman. i think i will get retribution cause i lied too much recently.
*touch wood*

well, i didnt intend to put up those zi lian pictures.
cause i think it's freaking not THAT NICE.
HA! but anyway guess thats all yah?

takecare people :D


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