March 10, 2007


i've got alot to say. but i should be sleeping now.
very tired, but think i should update a quick one! :D

yesterday i dont think i really sleep a wink at all
cause was talking over the phone till early morning and went for work after that!
SHIOK LAH! not tired at all until now can! well.

a person looks is always somehow important to me,
or i mean (suddenly jumped into a random topic).
everyone will somehow see a person looks too. not all, but most?

dont tell me you wouldnt go gaga over wu zun.
or go drooling when you see jolin's boobs and her pretty face.
please lah! so looks is somehow, and i say somehow important right?

then why spending time on make up, dress nicely, style up your hair, wear branded clothing, going on diet, look into the mirror AND ETC (please. too many to name).
if you all say looks is not important.

OKAY FINE. so please think before you say anything. but if you say, i think looks is not important AT ALL. then maybe well, there will sure be some people who really think that way then of course, we respect what you say :D

CHICKENLY RANDOM LAH! i shouldnt be blogging about that and now what!.
erm. yes. SUN YAN ZI. i didnt went to preorder today -.-!
i remember about it but was rushing to work and forgot! =x

well, look at the preorder advertisment!
really nice luh. too bad she didnt zao geng~ but nearly lah =x
the pyramid and the scenery is very nice ah!

you all can actually start going to any CD stores to preorder a copy starting from 9th March. which is like yesterday! and you all will get 10 postcards and a autograph session premits. if i dont remember wrongly.

okay! let's not talk about her. yawwns. let's end this entry by putting up my pictures. haha. i did put up many on friendster but not on my blog.
so you all can check out my friendster if you want.
but here are afew of them :D

thanks for reading and tagging people! :D


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