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June 18, 2007

Chocolate and Sweets!

More sweets!

And more chocolates!

I get super hungry easily and I need all these to sustain me through the long working hours. Actually not that long lah! :x


The bus I took to work is always the older and antique kind!

But the seats are super comfortable! Soft like our sofa!

It's been so long since I encounter those bus driver checking our ez-link card, whether did we actually pay for the bus ride.

But taking this particular bus, always at the time when I go to work, I sure will see this bus driver checking the ez-link card! And it's the same person checking for like so many days!

The lousy aircon.

The button of the bell is very small!


My friend bought Nokia N95!

At first I thought it is the Nokia latest phone, so I asked him to let me play! To see what function does it have and just to play with it! And it does have alot alot of functions.

A very complicated phone!

But then ....

Later I found out that it is not the latest phone from Nokia!


Cause I don't really like Nokia's phone so I don't actually notice their latest model or their phone.

Their phone is always too function base lah, which I don't really see a need for me though :D


I receive a message in Friendster that day.

From: eric

Date: Thursday, 14 June, 2007 7:27 PM

Subject: fren

Message: hi

no offence, jus wonder if u need $ ?? cos i can do wholebody massage for u and pay u $, no sex no hanky panky...as i am now taking a body massage course and i need to practise...

if u r keen, sms me at 9818 7955 eric

This message totally bought me laughter!


There's no free lunch in this world lah! But if you all want it, the number is there! But you must bear whatever the consequences that turns out to be! :D


Do you still remember the "Pi Pa Mi" drink i blogged on the earlier entry before?

I saw the poster up around the bus stop already!

Yucks! Yucks! Yucks!

But it isn't not dog food! It is actually 'Teriyaki Chicken Don'.

But it taste horrible!!

Same goes to the 'Bento Set'.

It is from one of our canteen in my school! So fret not, you don't get to eat such a horrible food out there. haha! :D

Black & White tiles on the ground.
Black & White shoes on our foot.

The same old pose again!
But this time without any litter on the ground :D



To end off, here are some pictures I took inside the office when I am working.

You Love My Fantabulous Hair!


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