3 Birthday Celebration!!

July 07, 2007

Having 3 Birthday celebration in a week is tiring!

It's also tiring to get all the pictures from them too! cause we are all so busy. I finally receive all the pictures from them yesterday night and I immediately start editing them until 4am in the morning!

Cause I don't want to blog about it like donkey months later, by then I wouldn't have the urge to blog about it anymore! :D

Oh ya! Before I start, let me do a quick introduction for those who don't know 'Fingers' yet.

The 6 of us has been friends for 6 years already! I don't know why we name ourselves 'Fingers' 6 years back which sound so super uncool. You cant blame us, that's like 6 years ago and some of you are still in primary school back then! :D

Here you gooooo! The 3 Birthday Celebration which took place at the last week of June!

Yi Ting Birthday (25th June 2007)

We went KBox to celebrate Yi Ting's birthday but Aaron didn't actually stay throughout because he's having exams the next day! So left the 5 of us.

Yi Ting, the birthday girl.

Look at how serious our face when we are singing =x

It's very rare for Ke Xin to sing and her singing is ....! HAHAHAHAHHA!

We got quite High after that!

Yi Ting got too high until all of us couldn't stand her and we got out from the room to take a shot of her insainty!


We sang until 2am in the morning then we went home after that cause we are having school few hours later. But what's worse is that it is raining heavily when we were about to go home. So all of us had no choice but to cab home!


Angie Birthday (26th June 2007)

For Angie's birthday, we all met up at town after our school to have a great dinner together at Cine's Billy Bombers.

Angie, the birthday girl!

It's huge!

Black chips! You eaten before?

It's tasteless! Not nice at all. I still prefer my Cheese Ruffles :D

The main course I ordered has my favourite Bacon!

and also Sausage!

We were thinking that her pose is alittle obscene here. Nevermind if you don't get what i mean =x HAHAHAHAHA!

Individual Shot :

Zhen Jun



Ke Xin


Yi Ting

For desert, we ordered waffle with Ben&Jerry's ice cream as the topping and banana spilt which doesn't look like one.

Me with the birthday girl :D

After a tiring night at Kbox last night, we were not as high this time round! But still we do enjoy ourselves very much with all the fantabulous food :D


Ke Xin Birthday (29th June 2007)

Ke Xin wanted to go Geylang to celebrate her day!

So we met up after school again! We then took bus there and the journey there is kind of miseriable! 1 hour plus of bus journey to reach there! We all nearly fainted due to hunger.

Ke Xin, the birthday girl.

We wanted to eat frog's leg so so so so much! and finally we get to eat it! Yummy!



We went to have the famous bean curd after that although we are already very very full.

Gosh. The same obscene pose again!

We had a enjoyable day there as great food and all the crazy stuff we did there! I wanted to put up the videos but I cant seems to upload it! Maybe next time!

Oh! I forgot to show you how hungry we were!



Everyone was happy! :D

I miss out what present we gave them! So maybe i should just say it here. We bought for ...

Yi Ting : A 25-Hour watch.
Angie : A Esprit wallet.
Ke Xin : A City Chain Watch.


While I was typing this entry halfway, Brandy and Linda call me to ask me go for the NDP preview cause they somehow got the tickets like very last minute.

They ask me to meet them 5pm at City hall and I told them I must blog finish this entry before I can go, I don't care whether I'm late or not! HAHAHAHAHA!

The fact is that I'm really running late! And I had to go prepare right now! *Run away*

Do leave your comment alright? I will reply all comments for this entry. Yes yes! Every single comment I will reply! :D

Love you guys!


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