Benjamin is way too typical!

July 29, 2007

Our Christian name (Me and my bro) were given by our parents since we were born, so it is printed on our birth cert. But the thing is that .............


Randy Toh

Nice right? At least it's nicer than mine! =(

Benjamin, which is so common and typical. Maybe that's the reason why typicalben came by!

If I want to rename myself, I will rename myself to ...

Bensiduc? Xelden? Ridays? Willuae? Deqnic?

Weird names?! Because up till now I still can't think of any name which suits me and also not that typical.

I Think for now, I just have to stick back to Benjamin then. Although I don't like it cause it's way too typical but still, I have been called by this name for 18 years :D

I'm like immune to it already! HAHAHAHA.

Cause I'm afraid that when I change my name and when someone call out the name 'Benjamin' (To their friends or whatever) I will still react to it! Which is retarded right?

Never mind about me! What about you all? If given a chance, what name will you all change to or name yourself?

p/s: Went IKEA today because they are having sales and bought for myself a few useless stuff! I'm already half-done with editing the pictures, so maybe I'll update it tomorrow.

p/p/s: A pointless entry? Maybe.


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