pay 30cents for a paper bag

July 31, 2007

IKEA clearance sales was not much of a sales and we ended up buying more non sales items than the ones on sales.

Of course I didn't buy any furniture cause I'm not with my parents! WAH! If I can buy furniture on my own and paying it by myself, then I must be some rich ass kid. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Too bad I'm not! ):

BUT I want to buy a new table, cupboard, bed frame, mattress, bed sheet, chair and NO! Maybe not just that!

I want to renovate MY WHOLE ROOM!

Went with Lindy and here are some of the stuff I bought,

CUTE HUH? I gave the pink hippopotamus to one my of friend!

Lindy bought this colourful plastic sets of cutlery and she say she's going to give me 1 set of it!

It's been so long since I put up pictures of us cam whoring! So ......

And do you know that I can fit inside the IKEA paper bag?! I seriously didn't photoshoped it, only the background cause the altar is behind me.

Cause I'm skinnnnnnnny, that's why! :D

Yah, back to the pictures! I guess we took quite alot!


So we went home after that! OKAY LAH! I shouldn't lie to you guys about fitting in the paper bag! But I really didn't photoshoped it! I just merely .....

A good photographer and good angle is needed :D


I saw it at Giant and I immediately bought it even though Lindy say it's a waste of money!

Not forgetting the 30 cents paper bag!

IKEA is great! Cause they don't provide any form of bag for the customers, so we had to buy instead! They are soooo .... LIVE EARTH! :D


I'm now actually blogging in school cause I just ended my Japanese retest and I hope I will pass my overall! Later will be at town with Lindy for a movie! THE SIMPSONS! :D



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