I spotted an error!

August 21, 2007

Its Friendster again, but this time round I spotted an error which is much more hell crazy!

38 years ago? Which means my mum is still not born yet leh!!


I just finish watching a Taiwanese series, Corner With Love. Actually now, I should be studying for my last paper on Friday. And by doing this...


and this.

Got nothing to do with what I am going to say now or even later! BAH! I don't even know why I put that 3 pictures up. Anyway was feeling bored and came across these questions, so I decided to answer them!

Q: If you HAD to get a tattoo, where would you want it?

A: My Cheek.

Q: If you HAD to dye your hair which color would you choose?

A: Very very dark shade of purple.

Q: Let's say you see a big ship sink...only 3 people have a chance to survive. The 3 people are Your Best Friend, Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and a long lost friend (that you don't know too well)...who would you save if you HAD to choose ONLY 1 person?

A: Long lost friend. But I don't know why too?

Q: Is sex best morning, afternoon, or night?

A: Afternoon.

If you are free (or even if you are not :x), do copy and paste those questions at my comment box and answer them too okay?!! Must share share mah! :D


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