Mummy! You want milk?

August 19, 2007

Few days back, We went to Pizza Hut to celebrate my mum's birthday! We actually wanted to buy her a cake too! But who knows that my Aunt already bought it for her and even have it send right to our door step.


Daddy & Mummy

My pizza is always covered with cheese!!

So we did finish the cheese fondue! It is super yummy! I love it so so so much and I think I actually ate 3/4 of the cheese fondue! MORE CHEESE PLEASE! :x

Went home after dining there cause we got to cut the cake that my Aunt bought it for her and also not forgetting to sing the Birthday song for the her too!!!!

The candle spoilt the picture!

My cute cousin, Valerie called and 3G my mum to sing 'Happy Birthday Song' together with us! And you can see how happy my Dad and Mum were.

My mum even showed her the cake -.-

It is just a simple celebration for my mum! Although it is just a simple celebration, but if you celebrate with your love ones, no matter how simple the celebration is, you will still feel love and the sweetness! :D

Yes, my brother think that way too!


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