Solid Water

August 29, 2007

While going out with Lindy, the girl who is obsess with 'Mai Ya Tang' (the candy she's eating above). We came across this ...

Then I told her that, "Wah! I can actually tell my readers that this is a solid piece and not water!"

Cause it really looks like a solid piece from afar in real life but sadly, it is not in pictures!

So I try very hard to act like I'm sitting on the water which is meant to be a solid piece to you all. It's real difficult to do that and my pants even got wet after that!

"And when they really believe that it's a soild, I will then tell them it's actually water with this picture (below)."

But in the pictures they don't even look like a solid piece and if I'm still going to trick you all that it is, I must be a dumb ass.

Here are some other shots we took :

Lastly, presenting to you the urinal which is filled with ice!

In the shopping mall 'The Central', every urinal in the toilet is filled with ice cubes! Totally Weird!!

p/s: Thanks for recommending the different brands of cameras I should get! I have already browse through Canon website and I'm going down to Canon retail shop tomorrow to check out their cameras! Yay! :D


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