Boring Job!

September 17, 2007

I'm now at work! With stuff to do but yet I feel like blogging!

I was thinking of changing my blogskin layout to something neater, neater and neater.

But when I'm partly done with my blogskin and look perfectly fine on IE, it will be a total mess on Firefox.

Yeah, I don't deny I'm a noob at it!

Anyone wants to help me to do up my blogskin? I'm too busy and tired to do one. Do drop me an email then! :)

Talking about email, I don't know what happen to Gmail lah! I couldn't reply and send any mails out now, damnit!

Yah, boring ranting!

But I was always told that I have nice readers which will still leave me comments even though I wrote crappy entry or even a post with just only 4/5 pictures! *grins*

HAHAHAHA! But I'm not hinting you guys now okay! :x

I really got alot alot alot of stuff to update with hundreds over of pictures to upload! Seems that I'm lagging with update.

I've already got a hair cut quite sometime ago, bought a new bag and celebrating friend's birthday. Also, slacking and chilling at town whenever I'm having a OFF day!


Yes, I will update it up soon! Meanwhile, here's a video of a guy defending Britney. (Related entry : Gimme NO more!)

Well, it's just alittle too dramatic though.


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