Bye, Sembawang CC.

October 07, 2007

It's been exactly one week!! Yes, since I quit my job :)

I had a wonderful experience working at Sembawang CC as a front desk receptionist cum admin. This is the first time I took up an admin job, cause I'm usually on the sales line.

Maybe partly because this pay is much better, but still it's not alot though.

Cause I know of some job with much higher salary and also with a easier job scope out there. But to me, the most important thing is that the people there (your colleagues) who are working with you, are nice to you.

Yes! That's most important!

The people here are really nice! I didn't manage to take pictures with all of them. But well, here's some!

On the last day, I wrote a short note for them cause many or I can say almost ALL of them are not working on Sunday.

BOOO! This is the first one I wrote.

And I decided to rewrite it again and throw away the first one. Cause I think it's ugly. So here come the FINAL one which I left it on the counter desk ...

Many little things which I will miss ....

Waiting for the crazy bus, 882.
Which comes at an interval of 20 minutes!

My desk!
Where I can surf the net, blog and talk on the phone!

All the files label I've done, I mean ALL!

Family table, the place we eat!

Cam whoring at the CC!


Talking about cam whoring, here are some shots I took in the dance studio at the CC itself.


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