During our lecture...

October 23, 2007

Hong Ming was using a penknife trying to cut his fingernails.

Brandon saw it! And ask Lindy to lend him, her small and pinkish Hello Kitty nail clipper.

So she pass it to me, and I pass it to Hong Ming.

And when our lecturer saw it, he exclaimed!

"EEEEYER! This kind of thing where can share one?!!"

Lindy and Victoria replied,

"I never heard of nail clipper cannot share one lor!"

It's unhygienic mah!, I told them.

(But I did use her Hello Kitty nail clipper sometimes too)

I then gave them an example that I suddenly think of:

"Just imagine someone uses a tissue paper to clean their sweaty armpit, then after that he/she lend the same tissue paper to you and you clean your armpit with it! It's the same logic as the nail clipper what!"

They then burst into laughter.

p/s: This ugly armpit is obviously NOT mine :)


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