I had a great laugh @

October 10, 2007

No lah! Not xiaxue lah!

Came across this site (which is also her blog) and I totally laugh my bangs off after I saw the header picture of hers.



Oh, nevermind. Forget it!

And now, the comparison of the real and the not so real:

p/s: But I really did laugh my bangs off you know!!

UPDATE: Hey people, it's not that I don't want to share her link with you guys okay!

It's just that those attention seeking fools like her moreover shouldn't get the attention they wanted, cause they don't deserve it at all.

I rather you all to read this, this or this and not hers.

Why? Cause it's very simple, she is trying so hard doing all these just to get hits and attention.

And if she got it, she wins!

Maybe it's not just her, many of my 'so-call friends' too.

They should get a life man, seriously.


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