18 things,

November 30, 2007

that I haven't/never done in my life (till now) before.

1. Playing with Barbie Doll.

The only thing remember related to it is stripping off all the clothes on the Barbie doll with my cousins when we were still young!

Seriously, I don't like Barbie doll. But I know Lindy do! -.-

2. Move to a new house.

From the day that I was born, I've been living at this same old house!

It's been 18 years already!

3. Retain in my studies.

Although I'm not that smart but I didn't retain before.

I pass my PSLE with the grade of 212 and my O level with 15 (cca points deducted) and now in poly with no retain in any semester.

I know that my results above are not really great.

Yah lah! I know!

4. Been to Night Safari.

I might be going there soon with someone! :D

5. Wearing a contact lens.

With a pair of perfect eyesight, what for I need to wear a contact lens or even spectacles :p

But I do wear specs with no degree and I'm also thinking of buying the contact lens which will enlarge the eyes.

Should I?

6. Add anyone I don't know.

In Friendster, Facebook, Msn etc.

So stop telling everyone that I added you or always assuming that I'm the one who add those people in my friend's list.

Of course I want to make more friends but I hate to be accused :)

7. Drive a car.

No driving licenses = Cannot drive!

I seriously feel that guys should at least know how to drive even though if you don't have a car now! Cause might really help you in the future when you're working.

I'm taking my basic theory soon, around late December!

8. Hate myself.

Except the fact that sometimes I do grumble about my nose, thinking it's way too big.

But other than that, I love myself alot.

Have some confidence dude!

9. Been on an Aeroplane.

From young, I so want to take a plane and go overseas!

But my family couldn't afford it :(

10. Having crazy pimples outbreak.

The maximum pimples I have on my face before is 2 or 3?

I don't really take very good care of my face, like doing facial or whatever.

Jealous ain't you? :p

But I've blackheads though.

11. Smoke.

I haven had a single puff of it cause I seriously think it sucks like hell. To me, drinking (alittle) is still alright but not smoking.

12. Been on Hot-Air balloon.

I know there's the DHL Hot-Air balloon around Bugis! (No more already right?)

But what I want is those beautiful country, like New Zealand?

Where you can see cows munching on the green grasses.....

13. Steal something.

Not even an eraser or a pen.

I think is Angie & Zhen Jun who told me that they steal from those mama shop before back in Primary School.

I also never lor, damn guai!

14. Get a girl's number on the street.

And things goes the other way round <3!

15. Shave my pubic hair.

I don't shave but some of my friends do.

There was once I asked Lindy & Angie about it and I said "If you all don't shave ah! It will grow until like your hair on your head this long one leh!"

Hao xin mei hao bao one lor! (I don't know how to say it)

They scolded me and tell me that the pubic hair only grow like o.1 mm a year? Or only if you go rebond/straighten your pubic hair, then it will be that long!

Like seriously wth! -.-

16. Piercing.

I wanted to pierce my ear hole when I was in Secondary School but drop the idea of it when I was about 16?

Cause I see no point in it.

17. Celebrate my birthday alone.

Cause I have wonderful friends and family!

18. Sex.

Still a virgin.

What about you guys? Do share some! :)


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