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November 22, 2007

Alright! I'm awake at this crazy hour to blog :)

Luckily I'm able to wake up by the alarm which never ever been really successful in waking me up in the past.

Lesson at 10 later on.

I think I only slept for around 3 hours?

Well, I guess by the time I finish this entry (around 6am now) I can actually go prepare for school already! *yawns*

During Lecture:

Our lecturer is trying to explain the topics he teach using real life example, or something like that.

OH! And that time I did mention about Brandy who bought a Rubik's cube at Thailand for just $2 only right?!

After he know I want a Rubik's cube, he bought it (the one he bought at Thailand) to school and gave it to me! :)

So I try to play around with it during our boring lecture.

Twist & turn!

Turn & twist!

And by twisting and turning it not more than 10 times ....


AAHHAHAAHHAHA! $2 goods = $2 quality! Really lousy! :x

It's somehow quite hard to play with it too, will keep on getting stuck and stuck. So I decided not to play with it anymore, and put it around for decoration purpose.

Guess how much this ELMO notebook (below) cost?

It's freaking close to $10! for just a small notebook like this


Cause I thought that it's such a waste of money buying a notebook which is that small and that expensive.

(Anyway the notebook belong to Lindy)

So i ask her about it and she told me that it can be used for 3 years (planner), so she think its quite worth it.

And on the phone yesterday night, I tried to calculated out.

3 years = 1095 days.

For example, we take it as $10.

$10 divided by 1095 days =



This Elmo notebook planner,


While we're having our lecture yesterday, something I saw make me burst out into laughter!










Went to Causeway Point after school with Lindy and had Pizza Hut for dinner there!

Yummy Summer Vegetable Soup!

Those Soup of the Day such as 'Cream of mushroom' is a NO-NO for me, cause it's really yucky and boring :p

Criss Cross Fries as side dish.

And for the pizza, we ordered the NEW Sambal seafood Chicken pan pizza!

Actually you can choose between chicken or seafood, but Lindy cannot eat squid so we had to choose to have the sambal chicken instead!

Now take a look at our plates!

Wait! I know you must be looking at my horrible dark eye rings and my eye bag!

It's actually not so dark as it is in the pictures lah! :(

Just that I edit and edit the contrast of the picture then suddenly it became so dark but then I'm lazy to re-edit it again. Oh man, nevermind.

Can also let you all see how stress I am recently :x

Back to the plates!

Lindy's plate.

She took out all the green capsicums, onion and red chilies!

But you see mine...

Only red chilies!

Seriously I'm so not picky when it comes to food, I think I almost every thing also eat!

Even those ugly vegetables which you all hate!


Role model please! :D

Gosh! It's going to 8am soon, I don't want to wake up so early yet and in the end ended up late for school.

Again, random stuff to end it off.

New mattress came yesterday!

Not with bed sheet yet of course, and it's also not those spring type kind of mattress cause I don't really like it.

Bye you ugly old mattress!

I bought a loafers that day at IMM.

Nice right?! Thanks to Victoria for telling me :)

Lastly, at Causeway point yesterday. Lindy and me bought a plain white converse shoe!

Yah, a new shoes again even after buying the loafers! :)

But it's like I finally get to dump away my old freaking dirty crazy ridiculously mad old converse white shoe?

But it's seriously way too comfortable, I swear!

p/s: I did wash my shoes okay! Just that it always turns out to become like this. No choice one lah! aahahahahaa :)


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