Poo poo bread!

December 04, 2007

(Let me share with you people another interesting mail I receive!)

Take a look at this!

And I call it a 'Poo poo bread'!

Look yummy isn't it?!

First of all, make this yummy 'poo poo bread' they will have to make out the flour dough!

I don't know why there's white colour though, it's not like anyone will actually pass out white colour shit!

Black is still quite reasonable, at least? :x

Well, then they add in the fillings!

I reckon the fillings they put in are either red bean, sesame paste or chocolate?

Cause all of them are as black as ever! :x

And to make it look grosser, they try to add on ....

Sweet corn & Raisins!

Seriously speaking, NO ONE will ever shit out that nice shape as in the shape of the 'poo poo bread' above!

That kind of shit only appears in cartoon lah!

Normally, our shit looks like this.









Before sending it to oven for baking.

After it's done with the baking, they doesn't look as nice (shape) as before!

The shape looks more distorted and lumpy, and it looks more real now.

The fillings inside:

I finally know whats the White & Black flour dough is for :

Isn't these super cute???

Feel like eating it now?

Or you think that it's way too cute to be eaten now? :D

One other design which I think is freaking gross,


After baking:

Anyone feel like trying it? *Licks*


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