a trip to RP!

December 23, 2007

I just came back from a so-call Shopping Spree! :D

Still pretty excited over the stuff that I bought today, cause I seriously love them all (especially the Orange Hoodie)!

I'm like freaking happy now and feeling so damn shiok.

Okay okay, here's the update on the trip to Republic Poly!

(which is about a month back already!)

Seriously, I'm always so lag behind! :(

I remember the only time that I went to visit RP is during my Secondary School days. And it's not this NEW campus located at Woodlands.

It's at ...... er. BAH! Forget it!

I don't remember where the old campus located at, but the impression of the OLD campus really sucks!

Ugly, dirty and look like those ghostly haunted hospital! :x

But the new campus looks good:

All the buildings are in pure white, pure white and pure white!

I sort of love the environment there! All the white buildings are surrounded with grasses (those expensive kind!), so clean and green feel lor!

But weird thing is that, there are no directions & sign board to show the different schools there?

I think the only school we came across is the School of Technology.

RP's library has the most conducive environment to study!

It's really huge with lots of available study areas!

I've already plan to go there to revise for my tests/exams next time round!

Some of our cam whoring pictures:

There's something pretty random that we came across while touring around:

Actually I don't know why I took it down, but it sure looks out of picture as it uglied the whole pretty environment down alittle bit.

And before we leave, we went to 1 of the 2 canteens there to get a ..........

Cheesy cheese hotdog! *yummy*

But I didn't know that there are only 2 canteens in the whole school eh? Which is pathetically little.

We then set off and walk the long distance back to Woodlands MRT Station/Interchange! :)


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