without my digi cam.

December 09, 2007

Before I start, I would like to say thanks to you guys!

I shall keep it as short as I can, as sweet as you guys are :)

Seriously, I'm quite lag behind on blogging lately.

Therefore, these few days I'm going to blog and clear away all pictures which already happen quite sometimes back!

And don't mind the lousy quality of pictures for this entry, I'm always either too lazy or too forgetful to bring my digital camera out :x

Went to Miss Clarity Cafe with Lindy to have our dinner there.

Upon reaching there, we were pretty shocked to see that it's damn empty even though its dinner time!

The food then came and look yummy! So I took out my phone and try to take pictures of it.

The outcome:


Then, I try it again with flash:

Even worse!!!

Stupid lor!

I don't understand why a 3.2 mega pixel camera phone can take shit pictures like that! All blur and out of focus!

Eating the yummy ice cream!

After that, we went to Junction 8 to walk around.

Lindy then spotted something hilarious while we're shopping there,

A striped OFF mannequin!!!

It's like freaking hilarious isn't it!

And to whoever who did that, please stop from now on! You're seriously sick in your mind, so please STOP IT! :)

As we are about to go home without buying anything, we saw the Chicky from KFC!

The 2 kids above kept on hugging and shaking hands with the Chicky for like 5 minutes non stop?

Until the Chicky cannot stand it and walk away from them!

Total madness.

Chicky is just a SCARY looking chicken and I wonder why they're feeling so happy or excited when they see it?

Not like Power puff Girls or Hello Kitty eh?

It really look scary in real, I NEVER LIE! But still we took a picture with it as persuaded by Lindy.

My face look weird, I know!

While I was editing the pictures just now, my bro came over and saw me editing this picture of me and that chicken. He bet that I wouldn't put the picture up cause I look weird in it.

It's just pictures okay?

I don't look like that in real life can already! :p

The other day, went to dine over at Hong Kong Kim Gary (Vivo City) with Angie and Lindy.

Kim Gary always remind me of Isaac, cause last time he kept on telling me how much he love to dine there and how yummy the food is.

The service there was pretty great, maybe alittle too over?

The auntie who serve us was really nice and kept on explaining the different food they have there to us,

She continue talking and talking .....

explaining and explaining .....

talking and talking and talking until ....

Finally, the food came:


Alright, that's all for today! :D

And something random to end it off, Christmas is coming!

2007 is coming to an end, that's fast!


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