so last year.

January 22, 2008

I have like close to 400 pictures taken for this last year Christmas celebration, and I just edited few of them to blog about it! :)

I actually wanted to post up more of it, but blogging (to me now) is not about flooding 100 pictures in an entry with less than 20 words yah?

Which I basically means, just putting up pictures for the sake of putting. I rather you to keep a photo blog instead then!

Okay, so on the Christmas eve ...

Went town with my clique (Fingers) to celebrate!

But we have been celebrating for 5 years together without fail, but this year without Yi Ting & Aaron. Cause one fly to China, another some family matters.

Bought movie tickets after queuing for quite some time, and we wonder why on this occasion so many people wanted to watch movie! -.-

Maybe we should try asking ourselves that too? :)

See how jam up the streets is, and it's only around 4pm!

Then we dine at my all-time favourite Japanese restaurant (you guys know right!). And we spend like close to 3 hours there, taking pictures, videos, talking about our past and so much more!

I'm loving Cha soba!

I don't know why last time I hate this cold noodles so much that I even think it's a waste of money to order that! But now, I love it dearly!

We also tried Hot Sake for the first time:

For us, we think that it taste pretty bad!

Don't believe? Look at their reaction!

See I told you it taste pretty bad! I don't lie! :)

Yummy Sorbet:

We then walk to City Hall, from orchard after catching our movie. We're basically walking non-stop throughout the night, what a way to spend our Christmas huh?!

It's really better than being squeeze and push around at orchard, where all the nutty people just love to gather there to squeeze and get spray.

Like everyone else, we took some shots at this typical tunnel too:

We ended up at Clark Quey, and chit chatted till the next day 10am! I love this kind of simple yet very heartwarming celebration! Don't you? :)

Countdown to 2008,

Went to City Hall with clique and Linda to see the fireworks which they all wanted so much. Then after finishing watching the fireworks, we started our steamboat session when we got back to my place around 3am!

Everything seems so simple, yet very sweet!

It doesn't matter how you celebrate it, or even the presents you will receive. Yet, celebrating with the ones you love will be the greatest celebration or present ever! :)

Alright, I shall end it off which a random picture:


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