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March 08, 2008

How fun is this.

I've actually shut down my lappy, off the wireless router and get myself on my bed wanted to have a good sleep.

This is when I started tossing like popcorn, and I freaking cannot get myself to sleep although I'm hell tired! Cause there's so many things that are going through my mind which makes me feel like coming here to rant alittle!

Okay, maybe not alittle.

So you might ask, what actually make you (which is me) so tired?


Masturbation lor! *winks*

Alright alright...

It's been 1 week since I started work and working straight for 7 days without any OFF day is pretty nutty yo!


I've to work for ONE WHOLE MONTH WITHOUT ANY OFF days, which is 31 days straight! But well, at least I can dress up nicely to work and stand there for people to see!

Bimbotic I know! Muhaha! :)

You know sometimes it's really scary when what you thought that something is, ends up to be totally opposite.

I shall elaborate.

There's this guy who came to work 4 days back and it's his first day working here. He was somehow pretty unfriendly towards me cause when I smile at him, he didn't smile back to me at all. And I noticed he kept on looking at a staff which is obviously a girl and trying his best to smile at her!

So inside me I was thinking, "WTF is this! Gender Stereotypes!".

I was freaking unhappy about it cause everyone is here to work so at least you should be friendly abit!

Not just to the opposite sex!

Then it was after 2 days, when we somehow did talk alittle partly because I said 'Thanks' as he help me to pass my stuff to me. So we started talking bit by bit and today there's this male customer which is also his friend went up to him and talk to him.

After his friend left, I stood beside him.

He then point to his friend which just left and tell me,

"He's my ex-boyfriend. And the guy beside him is his current boy!".


You tell me shocking anot??!

From at first I thought he was a gender stereotype and now he tell me he's gay! (Okay, maybe he's bisexual. I don't bloody know.)

Which makes me end up speechless.

It's not him having the same sex preference which shocks me, cause it's oh-so common now. It's because at first I thought he was a gender stereotype what!


Just like if suddenly one day I tell you guys I'm actually a girl.

And I thought of the reason why at first he didn't smile back to me when I smiled at him cause he was prolly SHY upon seeing me! Muhaha! :x

Oh well, I reckon I shall end this topic and jump to another one as it's seriously getting nowhere cause I'm just basically talking to myself over and over again!

Anyhow, show you guys some stuff I bought today!

Pretty boxers:

I like this one the most!

Another white shoe, again:

Somehow the boxers seems pretty gay, and when I first show Lindy she thought it was meant for ladies and getting another white shoe is just so monotonous.

But here comes the CHIO one!!


White skinnies with gold:

Look at the side of the pocket! Woo!

The back of it!

Although nobody will actually get to see it, unless in the gents but still the zip part totally rocks!

Damn nice right!

Okay, I know all these is getting really boring!

And I don't fucking know what I'm actually blogging right now AT ALL yet I just feel like blogging!

Sound ridiculous, but so true.

I should not care so much and go to sleep now!

Later on is another torture of standing 9 hours! And the most I can get now is just only 5 hours of sleep!

Nights guys!

p/s: As what the title says, comments will be disallowed! :)


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