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April 04, 2008

p/s: Thanks insomnia! Cause I recorded this video around 6am in the morning yesterday! :)



It's 6am now and I just reach home!

I hope I can finish blogging before everyone wakes up (like in 45mins time?) and get ourselves prepare for tomb sweeping, for my Grandpa!

Yup, I guess I'm not going to sleep! :)

Anyway, went to slack with Angie & Zhen Jun over a cup of coffee just now! And we've been doing this quite frequently now, which totally makes me a nocturnal lor!

But even if we don't meet up, I'll still sleep around 6am in the morning!

But I think it's very common!

I reckon alot of people is just like me okay! Like getting really active during the night time and no matter how hard you try, you just can't get into sleep!


Cause I tried before, and it just get me more energetic and wanting to count till 3333 sheeps! Dumb method of getting people in to sleep totally?!


was talking about lots of stuff just now with them and Zhen Jun said something which makes us laugh till mad!

We talked about sex, sex, sex, sex then women's breast and you know what he think that 2 round huge/little boobs is similar to?


Ridiculous anot, you say?

Cause we (me & Angie) don't even see any link between boobs and fish ball lor! And he claim that the texture is similar cause it's very soft!

So crazy right! If people will to ask me anything which is similar to boobs, I'll sure say...

Okay, I can't think of any now but definitely NOT fish ball!

I hate fish ball to the core, I don't know why.


I shall abruptly jump to another topic as I still can't think of anything to represent or which is similar to boobs!

I need to clarify something again!

As many people have been using my name, so my usual practice is that I don't go around tagging or commenting on people blog, not even on my friends blog!

So obviously,

if you saw the name "typicalben or benjamin toh" that TAG at your tag board or comment you at your blog, it's NOT me!!

I'm saying this to not let some readers misunderstand and think those poser is me cause some might use my name to scold or talk to you, worse if it spoil my reputation!


This suddenly strikes me!

I think this can relates me to boobs...


Don't you guys think so too?

Much better than fish ball right?! Muhahaha! Alright, I think I've to go prepare now!

I don't want dad to give me any black face!

Bye people! :)


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