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May 16, 2008

Woooo! I'm blogging now!

I didn't know what I'm doing for the whole day except going for the photoshoot just now by Digital Life (Straits Time), in the afternoon.

But other than that, I think I basically did nothing at all!

Everyone kept on asking me why am I so crazy to work even when my school assignment is freaking hectic and basically just tiring myself out with all the sleepless night doing with my school assignment after work.

And my reply to them is...


Ran have been complaining about his ugly teeth for like years already but up till now he's not able to do it because of the money needed, of course.

And I only feel like doing braces like around last year, so now I'm working to earn myself enough money to do it!

I think I might quit after I earn enough.

But I don't think it will be that soon cause I keep spending what I've earn and I guess it's going to take quite sometime to reach that amount.

Other than braces..

I'm might get myself a DS Lite (please don't in any way try telling me that DS isn't good at all and go on by suggesting I should get a PSP instead, cause I DON'T CARE!!!), but still deciding on the colours.

Either the Metallic Rose, Gloss Silver or Ice Blue.

Apparently, there is one in orange colour but it's only available at Nintendo World Store in New York. Though it's painted over and not new, somehow I still couldn't get it cause they don't sell it online and the only way to get it is to go there.

How ah?

Argh! I'm being so fickle minded again, as always.


Was watching some television programme just now (sort of finding dates for single lady or men) and saw this 38 years old lady telling the host that she waited for a guy for 10 years.


It's the guy who asked her to wait, asking her to let him to enjoy and play for that period of time and then he'll come back for her.


Is she mad anot???!

Totally siao one lor, obviously the guy is dumping her or don't even like her at all lah! And in the end the guy really never come back for her lor! -.-

Don't tell me she's so devoted or what sai okay!

As if you guys will wait for someone for 10 years? TELL ME!!!

I just cannot imagine since 28 years old she have been rejecting all other rich/poor/good-looking/average/whatever guy who might be interested in her, just for THAT GUY who asked her to wait for 10 years!

So silly of her man!

The guy might already fucked more than thousands of women within the 10 years and yet she's still there, waiting for him.

Argh! How come ah!

I think my blog is seriously getting boring man! Where is all the pretty pictures and interesting stuff?

Please come back to LIM BEH!



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