Dumb virus attack!

May 09, 2008

Super unlucky I tell you!

Yesterday, my lappy got affected by some weird virus from either Malaysia or Indonesia (what I know from the net) and it screwed up my whole hard disk lor!

Whats worse is that my external hard disk is also being affected!!!!

All pictures is in there, and I mean ALL. So I had to spend the whole night resolving the virus, but was too tired that I fell asleep halfway through while trying out the steps to clear it and woke up only at 6pm just now.

Thus, I practically skipped school today.

But now everything is alright already, and I managed to resolve it! How freaking scared I was yesterday cause I'm worried that all the pictures in my hard disk will be gone forever.

My hairstyle weeks back!

I actually like this hairstyle alot leh!

But nobody agrees with me at all lor, as all of them prefer my fringe being let down! But for all the pictures you're going to see later is not my current hairstyle anymore cause I went to cut back bangs myself.

I think bangs still suits me more! :)

My watch of the day!

Bought a pink earpiece in school,

I buy it not because my current ear piece is spoilt but because I went out in a hurry and I brought my ipod out WITHOUT the ear piece!!!

How stupid right!

All the shit I forget to clear away!

Bought this Tamagotchi together with Fingers when we were in Secondary 3 and I suddenly found it in one of my drawer and so I took it out to play!

And I just went to check my Tamagotchi and it's dead!

I keep neglecting it cause I'm so super busy recently lah! Life have been so rushy and running out of time for me! I couldn't even make it to a few events all because my school work is piling up like there's no tomorrow! :( :(

Okay, it's all over anyway.

A recycle bag that I bought! Nice right?


Buy, Buy, Buy!


Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!


Eat, Eat, Eat!

p/s: I really love gummies and chewy sweets! :)


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