Retro mode.

July 02, 2008

I should get this going.

I actually woke up around 4am to blog first and after that, to do some work before heading to school later. But it seems like I've spend almost 3 hours surfing the net (doing nothing), not blogging nor doing my work.

(It seems like I've been saying this same old sentence quite a number of times in the past few entries already. How creative can I get!)

And when dad came back home just now from work, he thought I was surfing porn, and that's why I'm still awake! -.-

Okay lah, pictures time! :)

JD driving me to the chalet!

While we're on our way there, he kept forcing me to listen to some lousy mandarin songs which is totally unbearable!

And when I switch it to 98.7fm, he'll switch back to the CD playing the songs! He's really nutty!!

One hand driving.

Traffic Jam!!!

Anyway, for those who are wondering why would we have a chalet during school days and at such a inappropriate timing:

Cause it's the birthday of the 3 ladies in Fingers!!!
(Yi Ting on 25/6, Angie on 26/6 and Ke Xin on 29/6)

So it's somehow like a birthday celebration for them.

Lighting up the cake!




I actually don't have much pictures to post up here!!! :(

Cause many of the pictures we took is in their camera and I'm lazy to get from them. I guess it'll take pretty long by the time I get those pictures from them and the urge to blog about this chalet is gone.

Group pictures!!

6 of us, 7 years of friendship!

Aaron look really tan here!

Partly due to the 'retro mode' that I set on my camera.

If you guys notice, the colours of my pictures recently is alittle different. It's all in retro mode (as what it says on my camera), I think it's like sepia? Or something close to it.

Tour around the chalet room:

Our cupboard.
(If you want to know where my stuff is placed at, look for my favourite colour!)

Toothbrush & contacts.

Facial wash, shampoo, conditioner, body soap.

And all of them are neatly placed by LIM BEH!!!

I know it's weird for us (actually them!) to bring one small small bottle of body soap whereas compared to the conditioner (one huge bottle of SunSilk), cause usually people will use body soap more than anything else.

But surprisingly, the small bottle of body soap is enough for all of us to use for the 2 days.

All our DS!!! :D

Yah, there's only 5 here cause Aaron is still so stuck with his PSP and doesn't want to get a DS with us at all!

Cats stealing our food!

I swear there's so fucking lots of cats at Downtown East!!!!

Maybe they should do something to control the number of cats there, seriously. Cause all the cats there are like deprive of food and all in hunger, and when people are bbq-ing, those cats will be around staring at all the BBQ food!

Not just 1 or 2 lor, but quite a few!!!

Very very very disturbing!

Eeee! The cats!

It's really hard for me to continue this entry!!

Cause currently the 'Zao An Ni Hao' (the early Chinese news thingy on channel 8) is featuring Regent Secondary, which is my Secondary school!


I shall abruptly end this entry now, sorry!

Leaving all the pictures which are intended to blog today (together with these chalet pictures) for tomorrow! If not you all will be complaining that I'm not blogging regualrly! :)

Zai Jian!


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