Can you sing better than me?

January 18, 2009

Morning people!

I just finished singing over at, where you can get to sing various songs (english only) like you're in KTV with your mic and then they will sort of give you points for your singing!

It's pretty addictive and fun lah, if you're bored and stuff.

And you surely cannot believe the song that many people there actually got really high scores for and also the highest score for me and angie is: My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion. Hahahaha!

A totally antique song lor! -.-

Talking about the scores right, I think many of you can easily beat my highest score, which is 5480. But I sing all in instrumental, which means there's no vocals one so it's harder okay.

Alright, I'm going off to bed already. Tired!

And and and sorry for the lack of updates okay!

I'm like totally shag and tired out recently cause I'm starting to work on my 1st resolution and I hope by early next month I can start off with my online store first, trying to further revamp my room (cause my bed frame came in today which I suddenly feel that it doesn't fit well into my room now, damn) so that I can take pictures and eventually blog about it after delaying for so long, busy with my attachment which will be ending soon and that's good, and still working pretty hard on my 1st resolution....


I shall hereby end off with my tired, yet trying to look cute pic!

Oh! I'll update again later or something!

*Fly and drop dead on my bed!*


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