Peep into their not so secret lives.

February 24, 2009

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Damn, it's pretty interesting man.

I just finish reading some online dairy (which is like blog entries lah), by 2 young peeps, like most of us and ....

I find it not bad you know!

Okay. To be frank, I started out only wanted to read a few entries only, but it really get me going cause what they write is close to us and very real which is like always happening in our daily lives.

Therefore, I ended up reading all the entries wrote by them.

And if you're wondering who is the 'them' and how do they look like, here's a picture of them to ease your curiosity first...

Very cute right?!

So this 2 young peeps that I'm talking about right, their name is actually Jesse & Trey.

And the website they blog on, as mention above, is a online diary of them where they share their ups and downs, also, what is happening to the both of them now and their close friends.

Yup, show you all the websiteeeeee!

The site was nicely with all the flashy stuff and you can even leave comments like how you all did for me, at their entries too! Also, it will be updated daily with their entries where they share their love story with us!

Their daily entries!

HOHOHO! I also get learn a very funny term there too!

(Which is used to describe a girl with bad body)


And there are more interesting stuff in there too!

You got to go read it yourself lah!

Don't wanna be spoiler then later when you all go read it then like not fun or you won't feel like reading anymore.

But it's actually quite fun to see how different both the guy and girl feels about the dates they had and their love for each other, and also the decisions they made as all is being expressed in there.

Now, to the 2 of the owner of the online dairy.


She have a good friend called Eleanor and from what she blogged about in all her entries, I can totally conclude that she's really into Trey and every single thing he do to her, she'll like get extremely high and excited about it.

But I reckon it'll applies to all of us too!

When the one we love just do something very small, like maybe just giving you a sweet or something, we'll still be elated over it and will don't even bear to eat the sweet at all lor. Rightttttt!!

Love is really that silly man!

Here's a video intro of herself:

Alright, to the next one!


From what I've read again, he's cool on the outside but not that on the inside. He really likes Jesse alot but he just doesn't want to show it out too obvious for her to know.

Oh! He also loves soccer too!

And I agree with him on buying flowers on vday is stupid. All the over-rated stuff. Erm... Not going to reveal too much to you people though. Wahahahaa!

But all I can say is it's really interesting to see how both of them blog down what their thinking about each other and stuff like that.

Oh shit, did I mention it earlier just now?

But it's really funny what! Ahh... Bahh!!

So anyway, here's a video intro of himself:


Other than reading it, there are even prizes for you guys too!!!!

Bet it'll be exciting and it sure needs your creativity for this one!

So we're or you will be reading later about their lives and stories and yet, we do not know what the ending is going to be like...

And that's the thing!!!

No one (including themselves) will not know about the ending cause we are the one who will get to decide for them the ending of their stories!!!

All you have to do is to come up with the best ending for their story and you could win up to $500 cash!!
(1st Prize: $500, 2nd Prize: $300, 3rd Prize: $200)

Muhahahahaha! Tempting right! :p

Jesse's and her friend, Eleanor looking cute here!

So to participate and to decide the ending for them, you have to:

1) Publish your most sensational ending to ‘Not So Secret Lives’ on your own your blog with the title “My Not So Secret Lives ending” .

2) Sign off with “Get involved with Jesse and Trey today @”

3) Send in your permalink to with your full name and contact details.
Note: Entries submitted before 28th February ’09 will be considered void

Contest will starts from 28th February and ends on 7th March cause their blog will still be updated until 28th of Feb.

And all the entries will be judged on creativity, relevance to theme of HIV & its impact. The winner's blog entry will also be featured on on 8 Mar 09.

Coooooool anot ah!!!!!!

You can read more information about the contest on the site too!!

So that's all from me for now!!!

Do go read up their blog entries and follow them till 28th Feb and then unleash your creativity to participate in the contest to win the great prizes! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! :)

Forget the link to their website?

Here it is:

Comments Disallowed! :)


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