I'm not a gadgety freak afterall!

March 25, 2009

It all started by the frequent changes to my gadgets (especially my phone, cameras and iPod) in the recent 1-2 years and my friends totally think that I'm spendthrift, thus labeled me as a...

'Gadget Freak'

And I can tell you that, I'M NOT. I think.

Although on the contradict, I just bought for myself a new lappy, a new camera and also a HDD!!! Muahahahahaha!

But it's totally worth and I'm very pleased about it! :D

1. My lappy doesn't lag on me now!

2. My camera is in my favourite colour!

3. All my pictures (to me, all pictures are important hor, it serves as a memories purpose lor) have another back up now!

Thus, it's all very worth it right?!!!!

Okay lah, though I must admit that the camera is not necessary to change and the reason I change it just because it's in orange.

But it's niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee okay!

Now I shall go back to the topic of me, not being a gadget freak!

So during the mundane afternoon where I got nothing much to do, I tried to list out the gadgets that I've own since I was young till now and here's what I found out....

For Camera:

I only had my very own digital camera during late 2007!

I know it's pretty late to own one cause normally in the past I'll just use my phone to take pictures and it's still really clear enough!

Nevertheless my first camera is...

Sony Cybershot T-20

Lasted for about 9 months (Sep 07 - June 08).

I also don't know why I'll choose black colour that time eh??

Cause I thought I wanted white one!

So after 9 months of using it, I started to get bored of it and I saw a pretty white Samsung camera while reading a Magazine (JUICE) when I was working in Flesh Imp last time.

I was so excited about it and I called up Lindy to tell her that I want to change to that Samsung camera!

Since ran also need to use the camera sometimes, and he have to always lend it from me... which is like very troublesome lah!

And that makes me more certain about getting a new camera so I can give him the Sony one!

So impulsively, I went to get....

Samsung i8

Lasted for about 3 months (June 08 - October 08).

I know it's fucking crazy that I only used it for 3 months!

I don't know why, but I suddenly don't really like it anymore though I did stick some polka dots shit thing on the camera which looks quite pretty, like this ......

I don't know what's wrong with me lah!

Then, I decided to sell it on my blog (at a rather low price considered that it's freaking new) and I went to get myself a Canon camera which is what Kx bought and she told me it's good!

Therefore, my next camera is...

Canon Ixus 80 IS

Lasted for about 5 months (October 08 - March 09).

Okay, this is really a good camera lor.

I bought the one in Camel, which is something close to Gold!

And I would have been using it for pretty long (cause it's really good), not until I saw a orange camera displaying at Challenger at IMM when I was out with my poly friends!!!

I was freaking elated man!

I immediately went high after seeing the camera, cause finally Canon comes out with a camera in orange colour!!!! Omg!!!!

As before that, cameras that comes in orange are those brands which I don't really trust or didn't like!

So when I went to the IT Fair to buy my Vaio lappy, I also went to get orange Canon camera too! Yay! I also asked ran to sell away the Sony cam as it's too old already and I gave him this cause it's still working perfectly and in super good condition!

Behold..... My current camera.....

Canon Ixus 95 IS

Current Camera (March 09 - Present).

I freakingzxzxzx love it manzxzxzxzxzxzx!!!!

I think it comes in the similar shades of orange as my iPod, which is not really bright and it could have look better if it's in bright orange but I still do like it alot lah! :p

After buying this camera right.....

I tell everyone that I won't anyhow change my this orangey camera anymore like how I did it in the past, but they now don't freaking wanting to believe me at all, not even mummy leh.


I really won't change it lor, unless Canon comes out with another orangey camera lah! Which is in nicer shades of orange then maybe I might change it! Muhahahahaha!

So to conclude in a span of 17 months (1 year & 5 months)...

I change in total of 4 cameras!

Wtf, really abit ridiculous.

I'll really try to not change my this orangey camera so fast, and I doubt I won't lah since I love it so so so much!


p/s: Now I know why lindy kept on scolding me last time when I say I wanna change camera liao. Omg. So techy gadgety lor.


Ehhh. I suddenly become very lazy to continue blogging about it, though I already uploaded all the pictures of the rest of my gadgets!! Muahahahahaha!

Aiya! Maybe next time lah okay? :p


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