My hair colour is now orange, not.

April 16, 2009

I'm so disappointed with the outcome of my hair colour! :(

So 2 days back, me and ran went to get our new hair colour done and the day before right, I already had in mind what colour I wanted to do.

It's either blood red, platinum blonde or blue.

But after reaching the salon, I browse through the colour chart again and I saw the orange colour dye which I never thought of! And thus I decided to give it a try and I change my mind to that metallic orange colour!

It's really very nice!!

Which is something like this:

Similar shades of orange but without the metallic feel!

With the metallic colour is obviously way much nicer than this!!

Er hua bu shuo, I confirm with them the colour!!

They warn me that fantasy colours doesn't last..

I said, okay!

But I told them the result (repeating around 3 times to make sure they really understand) I want it to be must be somewhat similar to the colour as shown, and they also said okay.


Ended up, the outcome of the hair colour is NOT EVEN ORANGE!!

It turns out to be like reddish brown or something!

It's somehow neither not orange nor brown nor red. AND the colour is something which I think is quite ugly, cause I don't know what shit colour is that!!!!!


After that we still got to attend the gala premiere of the movie 'Taken' over at The Cathay cause ran got the tickets for it!

And the movie was surprisingly not as bad as I thought.

No pictures cause we didn't take any for the whole day, with the fact that both if us both our camera along -.-!

Well, this is just a random complain anyway.
(For fun one lah! Cause I'm actually not angry/sad/or anything, just at that moment when my hair is dry and the colour isn't what I expected what thus maybe alittle disappointed and I just feel like writing it down! :D)

p/s: Okay, but ran told me my hair colour is pretty orange under the sunlight so maybe it's still not that bad....

Updates: Shiok anot!!!!!!!!

I didn't know my hair colour is that obvious you know!!!!

All my friends who saw me immediately question me why I go colour my hair orange cause they thought it was alilttle crazy of me to do so!! Well, but I still think lighter will be better! :D

Yay! Off to upload all those overdue pictures!!!

Got so many to upload man!!


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