What I see on my way home.

April 12, 2009

There's only one reason that makes me like to take public transport, as in bus or train is that...

You can observe the people around you.

Though I always think that cab is a much wiser choice if you have just nice, 4 person, and thus you can get to the place faster and in a much comfortable way!

Or when it's during off-peak hours and the time waiting for bus can take you about half hour or more (always happen to me), then you should really take cab instead.

I mean it's really reasonable what!

The waiting time plus traveling time (when you board the bus) is totally wasted and if you cab home you'll prolly reach home halfway through the waiting time lor. Well, but it's only wise if it's off-peak hours and cab fares do not have extra charges then I think it's like, the smart way to do so.

You can do alot of thing with the 'wasted' time lor.

So as I was saying....

I think observing people while you're taking public transport (exclude cab lah, unless you want to observe the cab driver) is quite fun and at times you will see weird/funny stuff going on.

Just now on my way back home from brandy's birthday party, I was on the bus and there's this one group of boys boarding the bus few stops after I boarded and you know lah, when you're in a group of friends, we'll tend to talk, gossip and joke around one what! It's like a pretty normal thing yah!

You can't expect them not to talk when their in a big group right?

They then started talking and laughing but at a reasonable volume (to me) not until an old lady who is super skinny and should be around 70+ years old, walk over to the them with 2 huge bags over her shoulders (that seems heavy) and scolded the group of boys for talking loudly all these while.

I was sitting down beside the group of boys and their standing up.

And I heard their conversation,

*The old lady approach one of the boys and petted on his shoulder*

Old lady: Hello. Do you know where are you now?

Boy: Huh? What?

*The boy look at his friends in a shock state*

Old lady: You know what are you taking now anot?

Boy: Huh? Bus lor!

Old lady: What bus?

Boy: Errrr... Public bus?

Old lady: Then?

Boy: Huh? Then what?!!

Old lady: Why are you all talking so loudly when you're in a public bus? You all should lower down your volume right?

Old lady: Be more considerate!

Boy: Orh! *And turn to his friends and tell them what the old lady says*

And after that, the old lady just stood beside them for the remaining journey and when they're talking till a certain volume again, the old lady will stare at them fiercely!

Very scary man!!!!

Well, maybe old people don't really like noises and that's the reason why she approach them but it's really glad to see that the group of boys didn't get rowdy with her cause she's so old already, and we have to respect alittle no matter what.

Eh. Yah lor.

This somehow conclude the mundane public transport encounter I have today lah! Muahahahaha!

Not really exciting, I know!

And after that (wahahaha! trying to make it not so mundane), while I'm waiting to change for the another bus back home, I saw a middle age guy using his ez-link card to dig out the food that is stuck in-between his teeth while waiting for the bus!

Very gross.

Few of the 'public transport encounter' below:

- Wanted to alight the train but those stupid kiasu Singaporeans which are going to board just dash in like there's no tomorrow, wanting to get a seat BUT not considering about those alighting passenger which had a hard time to alight!

Which happens EVERYTIME I board/alight the train lor.

I get damn pissed off with all these people and whenever they dash in when I'm alighting I'll give a 'bu shuang' face and produce the 'zek' sound.

Damn fucked up one!

I don't know why they want to do that lah!

- Stupid people leaning their whole body onto the train pole which is INTENDED for passengers to hold onto them to prevent any accident from happening!

Seriously, people who do that is fucking inconsiderate!

Cause whenever the train stop/starting to move off/changing lanes, holding onto the pole will prevent you from falling and these stupid people just rest their whole body onto the pole and expect who the fuck to be able to grab onto it when in need????!!!!

I tell you just do it the hard way.

Everytime when it's changing lanes (especially when reaching Jurong East) or when I really need to hold onto one, I'll just force my hand and dig through the body and hold on to the pole!

I know it sounds ridiculous but in order not to fall and look stupid, got no choice but to do that to those inconsiderate people.

And what's worse than that was when:

I was already holding on, to the pole and people just LEAN ONTO THE POLE WITHOUT EVEN BOTHER THAT MY HANDS ARE STILL HOLDING ONTO IT!!!!

Wtf. Freaking crazy!!!

I'll also just twist my hands and produce the 'zek' sound to like let the person know that he/she (but mostly he) is fucking rude!!!

Argh! It's really horrible.

- Playing music out loud using handphone/psp.

Have been around for long also, but it's still bothers me. Especially when the music is like techno shit, sucks.

Okay, I couldn't think of anymore now already.

Though there's obviously more to the few things I've mention!

But I think all my 'encounter' is not so bad as compared to kx one man. She frequently will get people raising up their hands facing their armpits right on her face when she's taking train.

Somemore when the train is packed you know!

How worse can mine be, compared to hers. Ha!


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