Yucky, not Yummy!

June 16, 2009

The other time....

I was trying to showing off to 'fingers' that I'm not really choosy when it comes to food cause since young mummy have been teaching us well.

Cause they usually are more picky when it comes to food!

They don't eat onion, parsley and etc (too lazy to think now)! Which I'm all okay with it! They then immediately list out some food that I don't usually eat to get back to me! Muhahaha! So much for trying to show off!

And here are some food that I don't really like:
(At least what I can think of for now!)

Ba Kut Teh!


I remember I'm okay with Ba Kut Teh when I was young leh!

But I don't know why in recent years, I detest it!

I think it's because the last time whenever I had it, my mouth my feel very itchy and my face too! Like got the sticky feeling which I hate!

Green Peas!

green peas

Omg! Why do some people love green peas!!!!!

The taste is very disgusting! And I hate it when these green little peas is being used in fried rice and other dishes!! Yucks!

Dragon Fruit!
(Also known as Pitaya)


Does anyone here love to eat this fruit?

It's really crazy, you know!

Whenever I see my family eat dragon fruits, they're like so enjoying it and kept on telling me how great it taste! Siao anot!!

I did try to eat before lor!

But after my first bite, it always give me a shiver, like spasms like that! And my hair will all stand and I don't know why!!

So therefore, I don't really eat it anymore!

Fish balls!


As I've said and explain alot of times before in the past entries...

I don't like fish balls! That's it!

Beef Steak!


It's actually not I don't like, but I cannot eat due to my religious belief.

But I've decided to include this in anyway!

Sometimes I feel it's like very wasted you know cause like some burgers (ie; Carl's Junior) seems to have really nice beef burgers!

Or like ribeye steak or the beef noodles!!

I always feel like drinking the soup, everytime I walk pass those beef noodles stall cause the smell is like damn nice and yummy!

Ahh.. I'm getting hungry now!

Baked Beans!


I'll always leave this out when having western food.

My friends tell me that they can eat baked beans straight away from the can and can even finish up the whole can of baked beans!!!! Ouch!!

I just don't like the taste, like...

I don't know how to describe it! But I just don't like!!

p/s: Tell me what food you don't eat/don't like too leh! I know you all also hate peas right! Cause I know of quite alot that don't like it! Ha!


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  1. I also dun like Parsley!!!
    I dun know why ppl always put it on the steamed fish QAQ
    Beside Parsley, I also dun like Celery,Green n red Capsicum,Garlic, Ginger,Papaya,Passion Fruit,pork belly & chicken feet(so geli)!