Where the guinea pigs are hero!

August 30, 2009

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As many of you people know, when it comes to movies...

I so love to watch (or can say, perfer to) the genre cartoons/animation as compared to the rest cause somehow all these animated movies are really well done and most of them have a moral within the story to tell.

And one of my favourite one is; Finding Nemo!!
(Just keep swimming.. just keep swimming.. just keep swimmingggg...)

Thus, I'll always try my best not to miss any cute animation movies if I can!

And with no exception, I'm so not going to miss this cute little animated movie that is coming up soon, which is called...

(Okayyyyyyy, I know the name of the movie is already up
there butI just wanna put again cannot is it!! :p)

Look how cute is those guinea pigs!!!!!

They're maddd cute!!! And if you did watch the trailer of the movie, you will think the same too cause of the way they talk and how they move!!

So if you haven't, go watch it now.

Ahhh! I so hope my hammies can be like them lor!

Wearing all sorts of gadgets, able to speak and communicate with humans and all sorts of fun stuff they can do in the movie!


See! Adorable eh!!!

I reckon they can also fly or swim or dive or even eat shaker fries in the movie! Muhahahaha! Who knows, since it's not out yet!!

We won't know until we get to watch it!

But I somehow think they sure can do ridiculous stunts inside there one lor, which will be funny and with all the gadgets they have to help them on their mission, we won't know what they can do man!!!

Also also also ....

A plus point for this film is that, it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer!!!

For those who don't know, Jerry Bruckheimer produces many great movies and even television series all along like:

Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean!

Pearl Harbor!

Black Hawk Down!

Gone in Sixty Seconds!


For television series/reality show:


The Amazing Race!!!!

Yup, those are all produced by him! I'm sure many of you didn't know some of your favourite shows listed above are produced by him right!!

Alright, so back to G-Force..

To me right, G-Force is something alittle different from his usual style of his movies, which is like a coined up between his action movies (eg. Gone in Sixty Seconds, Pirates of the Caribbean) and his light hearted comedy movies (eg. Confessions of a Shopaholic).

Somemore, this movie is in 3-D!!!!!!

And I love watching movies in 3-D man!!! All the movies I watch recently I'll watch it in 3-D, if there's a choice! The effects is way better!

Don't you....... (to be continued)

p/s: It's opening in cinemas soon!! Like next week, on 4th September! Do check out their cute mircosite for wallpapers, trailers etc.!!

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