3 sweet months.

September 21, 2009

I still remember clearly the day I receive the enlistment notice.

I was, as usual, waking up late in the afternoon... didn't even bother to wash up and started using my lappy. Then my phone rang, it's mummy.

"Eh! Your enlistment letter came already, next week leh!".

"Don't bluff lah, what next week!?".

"Really. I never bluff you! Really next week leh! Why so fast?".

"Cannot be next week one lor, where got such a late notice one?! My friend all got the notice like months before... *continue blabbering*".

"Really lah! I ask daddy to bring up the letter now to show you".

After we put down the call, my mind totally went blank.

I'm thinking to myself that it must be one of mummy's prank again?

Cause I don't think they will give such a short and late minute notice to me one lor. Like my friends who're all going to enlist in the month of June, receive the enlistment letter like 2 months back and me... 1 week?

How can that be!!!!

But my heart totally sank and got alittle depressed when daddy pass me the letter, and when I saw the date of enlistment.

Yes, it's really next week.

I nearly, nearly break down at that point of time cause I was both physically and mentally not yet prepared for this and this just come too sudden.

Suddenly, I feel my life is in a mess!

Cause at that point of time, I've got alot of things on hand (driving practical lessons, blogging projects etc.) and with this coming to me, I've got to let everything go and it's pretty hard for me to do that.

I started to get panic and worry.

I even called them up to double confirm and ask why am I only being noticed this late. And the reply was "because some people might have withdrawal out from it and we need to fill up the empty slots, so you're quite lucky".

Yah, thanks! How lucky can I get man! Zzzzz..

But I remember many of my friends and family are supportive.

They ask me not to worry so much and go for it.

In the end, the short few days before my enlistment was filled with meet ups with close friends and lots of mixed feelings in me.

And I couldn't believe that 3 months is all over now.

I completed the whole training, as in really completed it!

I never once give up at any point of time!

I wanted to prove myself and also to those people who thinks that I'm too weak for it and thinking that I'll die in there cause it'll be too tough for me.

And I did it.

My mates there were all pretty shocked cause they say that I look so skinny and weak, yet I never once gave up and continue to persist on.

I really like that feeling.

It's not totally about proving to people that I can do it (though I also do wanna prove) but it's more to prove myself and know my limits.

You know, I also thought I cannot do it before I went in.

But I just change my mindset with the thinking that, if people can do it.. I'm sure I can too! Cause I'm also like them. Why not!

One of my achievement is that:

I passed my ippt for the first time in my whole life!

I never once pass it because of my standing board jump and chin up but now I conquer it already and the phobia for standing board jump is gone.

But the thing that I feel most proud of myself is that: I didn't skip/fall out for any training at all and went through all of it.

Though some people might think it's nothing but well.....

3 months really pass damn fast and I can say I really enjoy it alot.

I think I can consider myself lucky cause the people there, are all really really nice to me and I really enjoy myself there with them!

Suddenly all training seems easier with them around.

There's too much for me to list down on the crazy and silly stuff we all did together and many are not supposed to let you all know too, but it's really fun and memorable which I totally can't forget any of it for my life.

I know I may sound crazy saying this but I'm feeling pretty sad and emotional about me having to leave the island and leave everyone.

As I've chosen a different route from them (different interest), so we'll all be spilt up and... me? I'm going to start all over again.

Making new friends... new enviroment.... new everything....

If there's a chance, I seriously don't mind going back there for another 3 months or even for this 2 years. Seriously!

But well, tomorrow will be the day I'll be in another new place.

Heard that the training there is fucking tough, and the same feeling I had 3 months ago is coming back to me now..... so so worried.

I don't know what lies ahead, but I'm gonna prove to myself again that this 2 years is gonna be nothing for me and if people can do it, so can I!

Same goes to you all too yah! Don't give up! :B


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