Dreamy Car!

November 29, 2009

Had random thought of what car will I want in the near future the other time and many told me get a Mini Cooper as they think I suit it the best!

But no! I don't really think so and I don't like it at all!

Well, you know I'm someone that don't really like those typical sports car or anything like that! So for now, my dream car will be this:


Volkswagen New Beetle (convertible)

Very chiooooooooooooo right? OMG!!!

I seriously want a convertible car, though it's not much of a use here in Singapore but I really like it! Especially if you go for rides at night!

(Okay, I don't know why I suddenly thought of... if you're damn sway that day with your convertible open and drive through Centrepoint area at town and some bird freaking lao sai on your head! Wahahahahaha! What a scene!)

And of course, with my love for the colour orange so strong...

I will want my Beetles to be in ORANGE COLOUR!


Orange convertible Beetles!


Damn nice! I like!!!!! :D

Alright! Shall aim towards my goal of getting it!

But now, got to renew my PDL first and start my driving lessons before thinking so much! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Bah! If you didn't know, cause you ain't following me on twitter..

I just gotten myself a new phone (as a reward for myself for the completion of outfield) like 2 days back and it's giving me so much problems now!!

I spend like hours trying to figure out how it works! Fucking waste my time! Cause it runs in Windows Mobile and it's my first time using it!

Anyway, I've gotten HTC Snap!

And now, I'm still pretty much not used to it cause:

1) I can't find the right twitter applications for it as all is damn fugly or not user friendly at all! 2) Doesn't seems to be able change the themes and the start page menu is white with ugly icons that I don't seems to be able to change it too! 3) Seriously need help from someone to configure my Snap to how I want it to be!

If worse comes to worse, I'm gonna sell it away!

But it's still the prettiest non camera phone around for now (bye e51!)!

Until BB non camera arrives in Singapore, then I shall change again!! Muhahahaha! Hopefully everything can be configure soon, and after that I shall turn it into orange, as usual!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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(Do email me instead for those who wanna help me with my phone!)


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