Had enough of relationship issue!

January 30, 2010

It's been so long since people actually piss me off that badly!

I did try not to blog this issue up due to some personal reasons but sorry, I think I'm still gonna do it cause I need to rant about it and the best place to rant is none other than here, my typical blog.

I mean I had enough and really enough of all the relationship nonsense that my friends or family gave me cause all of them are really ridiculous!

Since then, I totally stop trying to lend any listening ear or even to bother about people's relationship stuff (even they're close to me) cause I don't see any point doing that cause people won't appreciate you at all or in another words, they won't ever listen to your fucking advices at all!

So what's the point?!

And the worst of all is to see your close ones turn so weak and dependent on their partner and because of their partner, they treat you like a total stranger BECAUSE of their another half that doesn't want he/she to be close to you!


Here's a few pointers, that I wanna say to all those nonsenses...

1. How can you be SO FREAKING SURE that he/she is the one that you're gonna marry?

I always roll my eyes damn hard when people around the couple (close friends or relatives), will assume and is so assure, telling me that, the couple is sure going to last till marriage.

Then I always give them replies like...

"How can you be that sure? There's still such a long way to go (especially if the couple is still young like us) and anything can happen anytime and there is NO SUCH THING as CONFIRM in a relationship!"

And guess what happen in the end to all those couples whom I know with these 'confirmation'? They eventually broke up!

Bah! I cannot stand people who keep say; 'Confirm they will get maried', 'Confirm won't break one lah, their relationship is damn strong'.

Confirm this and confrim that!


Anything can happen anytime, don't you get it?

Somemore, we're talking about feelings here.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't your everything!

I also cannot stand people who are too dependent or too sticky to their another half and have to always be together NO MATTER WHAT!

Going out with friends, ask him/her along!

Going out with family, ask him/her along!

Going out to party, ask him/her along!

No matter what kind of occasions or even if you're meeting up with your different groups of your friends, you also want your boyfriend to be with you and to go with you! (I said boyfriend cause usually girls are the one who is like that than the guys).

I mean why can't you give yourself a break from your partner?!

Doesn't mean you have to bring him or be together with him for every occasions or event you're attending right!

I'm totally disappointed with a friend who actually decided not to attend some event (which is important to me) because he/she can't bring the partner along for it as the guest list is fixed and it's only for invited guest!

I mean so much for being friends with the person and we're pretty much close last time lor!

And all these leads to another point.....

3. If you treat your partner as your everything, you're losing more things than you know.

I know and understand your love one is important to you, but FRIENDS IS REALLY IMPORTANT AS WELL!

As important as your partner or can be more important!

You'll never know when your relationship will turn sour or comes to an end and the people who will be supporting you will be your friends and family!

But people now are neglecting friends because of their partner (as referred back to point 2, being too dependent/sticky to one another), and when broke up with their partner.. they are gonna suffer cause they found out that their friends won't be there with or for them anymore!

I mean if you choose your partner over your friends always, even though your friends will feel okay about it but you guys will eventually not be that close anymore and stuff.

There's alot of cases like that!

Too many people putting their partner over and on top of everything and when losing them in the end, they all went insane!

4. Special occaison should be celebrated with friends as well!

I find not very right, if every (and I mean EVERY) special occasion, you only celebrate with your partner and no one else!

Other than Valentine Day, other special days like Christmas or NYE you should allow your partner to go celebrate with his/her friends as well!

Cause it's kinda sad that (okay, I've to say this again)...

If you guys suddenly break up, you'll feel even more lonely or feel even more sad if you have to go through it alone!

I reckon you guys will think that this won't happen, but this really will do happen for some people! Cause when they're in relationship, they will really neglect their friends or so.

Don't think they will have the courage or face to even find back their friends when they broke up with their partner!

5. Don't say you're gonna break with with him/her, cause you're not gonna do it!

This is what I always hear from my friends, that they're going to break up with their partner BUT THEY ALWAYS JUST SAY ONLY!

A few times of that is okay, but too much or always saying it is NOT.

It's pretty much annoying!!!

You're never gonna break up no matter what and no matter how mean they treat you, so don't just say it!

And advices given to them are no much of uses too, cause they don't really bother to listen.

6. Your partner shouldn't be controlling you!

You ain't a dog or a robot! As simple as that!

You must still do what you want to do and not because of your partner, you restrict yourself from doing it!

You live for yourself, and not him/her!

7. Last point before I go off, Give each other some freedom and let him/her have their own space too, that's how a relationship grows and last! :)


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