Make it yours, with your own designs!

January 20, 2010

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Electronic gadgets nowadays are getting better and better in their design!

I think mainly is because of the consumer, as we all want to buy something that looks pleasant to our eyes or even better if it's mad chio and pretty cause all humans are pretty superficial somehow or another to begin with!

Looks are still very important, right?! :)

Thus, many many gadgets now are coming out with pretty designs!

And I did mention before that people are all now trying to add some touch to their gadgets that they will try to 'zheng' their gadgets themselves, either by skinning or blinging them to make them more attractive and not so dull..

But why bother when you've got laptops like these....




Want a more artistic design than the ones above?

Yes you can! Take a look at these....



I pretty like this one! Simple and neat!

And these laptops above are none other than from, DELL.

They've came out with another new series of arty farty designer-ish laptops by various artist like; Mike Ming, Derek Welch, Andrea Rosenberger etc.!

Which are called the Studio 14 & Studio 15 series!


I really like gadgets with all these arty farty designs!!!

Rather than plain one tone colour cause they will add some kinda style to you when you're carrying it!

They will make your overall looks better and AA*!!!

And and and, here comes the awesomeee part!!!!

Don't fancy either of the designs?

Can't find any that suits you?

Think you can design better?






As Dell now is currently holding a contest for you guys...


Yes, the contest name is "MAKE IT YOURS"!!!

And all you have to do is to create their own original design, sign up to the competition, submit artwork and it's done!

That awesomely easy right?!

For that, you get yourself a chance to win a self-designed Dell Studio Laptop & SGD $2,500 shopping voucher!! Weeeeeeeeeee!

By saying so, the typical me shall also join in the contest!!!

And I think I'm gonna submit this piece of artwork:


Or maybe....



But this one below also looks nice leh....


Ah! Can't make up my mind! Cause all 3 looks awesome to me!

Oh wait! You wanna submit yours too?

Head over to now, and who knows a new laptop designed by yourself might be coming your way soon!

p/s: I reckon photography is also counted as an artwork right?

p/p/s: Gosh! I really don't know which one to choose to enter the contest! Which one you all think I should submit ah?!

* AA = Attract Attention.


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