You should know more about SCDF!

January 07, 2010

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I actually did stop for awhile and thought how should I start this advert in order to not make it sound like a lecture or something that basically you can search from the net and know the meaning about SCDF!

So I thought of sharing with you guys a experience I saw where SCDF actually did some fire fighting right in front of me! Really!

Anyhow, if you guys still don't know....

SCDF is actually, Singapore Civil Defence Force!


And I think they're too under rated cause no much people did know about them as many will actually know and are more familiar with their friendly neighbourhood Policemen, but not the Fire fighters in SCDF.

For most of us, the first number we'll think of is 999 when something actually happen, and the person we'll think of contacting is again, the policemen!

Even in a case of fire and stuff, which is totally wrong!!!!

Cause SCDF are actually the one who provides us with firefighting, rescue and emergency ambulance services, mitigate hazardous materials incidents!


Fire fighters risking their life to save your life!

See! I told you they're pretty under rated and people should totally recognise them for their effort and help they're providing us now!

I must be frank that I was quite bimbotic last time!

Cause I don't really know anything about SCDF until I got into army and in my current unit. As there're fire firghters from SCDF that came over to give us some Life Skills programme where we will learn some skills to deal with emergency and to know more about what the SCDF does!


I wanted to take a picture to show you guys but unfortunately, I left it inside my camp so I can't! But will do it in the next entry to show you all!

And and and and....

I was really lucky cause there was once a fire drills exercise in our camp and then SCDF was there to simulate to put out the fire!


So I actually got the chance to see the whole process of how they put out the fire and even rescue people!!! It's quite an experience I tell you!


Every of my mates there agree on it's really much much more tougher cause what they carry and need to do is at a very high risk!


Our awesome fire fighters!

Noooooo! Waitttttt! I've not finish yet! Muhahahahaha!

Seriously, I've so much to talk to you about SCDF cause I actually experience or I can say see them in actions/talk for more than 3 times already!

Thus, I'm somehow able to share so much with you guys!

But I'll spilt them up in few entries cause I don't wanna sound ranty!

So before I go, I'll leave you guys a link where there're interesting and awesome stuff you can look at if you wanna know more about SCDF (cause there's videos, pictures and lots of information you want or need to know about them)!

Or if you're thinking of joining SCDF it as a career!

p/s: No harm knowing more about your fire fighters right?

p/p/s: And I ought everyone should know more about them cause it's around us and we shouldn't take them for granted! Which I think many of you are now... I guess I am too! So time for a changeeeeeeeee?

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