Christmas eve!

February 26, 2010

Without fail, every Christmas is celebrated with Fingers, and this year, we booked a hotel and had a simple celebration over there!

I totally hate to go to crowded places on all these festive season!

I mean, it's kinda stupid to squeeze and get yourself suffocated/get sprayed by foams at town or something when all this festive days are meant for all your close ones to get together and spend some time together!

Close friends or family should really spend some quality time, if can, AND NOT waste your time by getting sprayed by aerosol foams or squeezing through people trying to get to another side of the town for the whole night!

Cause that is really, really stupid!


Group shot on the hotel bed!


Though blur, but love this shot!


Dinner time!!! (Blurred out Ting's face cause she was unaware
of the shot and look pretty unglam!)


The stuff we bought from Giant for the 2D1N stayover!


Time to exchange presentsssssssssss!!!!

And they totally drive me mad for this year's gifts exchange!!!!!

They've all decided that for this year, the gifts we're getting for each other must be HAND-MADE and this is mad siao cause I'm like 5 days cooped inside camp so, I where got time to do hand-made stuff for them?

Somemore, I totally suck at handicraft! -.-

Thus it's literally killing me! So in the end, I bought something for them instead! But but but but..... I did "hand-made" the letter I wrote and the envelope lor! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Shall show you all what they all did.....


Cardboard key chain by ZJ!


Hand sewn pouch by Ting!


Self designed lamp by Angie!


Personalised (Colours) key chain by Kx!


Secret gift + touching letter + fugly envelope design by ME!!

Okay laaaahhhh! I know it's pretty fugly cause I do not have the time mah! Must understand! Muhahahahaa! No no no, not excuses please! :p


The toilet's mirror!


Angie camwhoring in the toilet!


Hey! And who's that I saw on tvvvvvvvvvvvvv?!!!


p/s: I think blogger is giving me some shitty problem with regards to the displaying of my blog entries. Right now there's only like 4 entries on the page? Totally WTF, cause I usually have like over 13 entries up on my blog! And I've checked, it's not because of the settings nor the html codes! Bah! Guess it's some kinda bug issue or something. Anyhow, I've email them and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon! :)

p/p/s: Meanwhile, to read my previous all my previous entries (including this year ones), please go to the archives at the sidebar!!!


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