Hey! That's my orange cameraaa!

May 07, 2010

I know I've been dragging this for so long! Hahahaha!

Cause months ago, I said I'll be blogging about my new orange camera (which is not really new by now lah) but in the end due to procrastination, I drag it all the way till now!

And since then, loads of people have been asking me to show them how does it actually look like!

So just now, I decided not to be lazy anymore and went to take pictures of it with my ex-orange canon camera which I gave it to my mum! Yes, like finally! Hahahaha!



My orangey camera with lens cap on!


When shooting, without lens cap!


Front view!


A small cute orange sticker at the bottom right!


From the top!

The hotshoe covering the external flash slot is in orange too!!


The back!

I know it's kinda ugly at the part (the navigating buttons side) which is not fully covered in orange! But because at that point of time, I'm still unsure about which buttons is what fuctions as I just bought it, so the 'wrapper' (the person who mask my cam) and I decided to leave that place out first!

She told me I can go back to find her to finish the back and she will do it for me for free, but I think it looks pretty alright now! So I guess, I'll just stay with the current state!


The strap for my cam!


Colour of camera, without flash!


Colour of camera, with flash!


Top of the camera, with flash!


Pretty ehhhhhhhhhh!!!

So how is it! Totally awesome right!!! :D

And for those who wanna know, cause I know some sure will ask! The total cost of the camera, including the accessories seen here and the skinning is about SGD $750!

Weeeeeeee! I'm such a orangey boy! *waves*


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  1. LOVE the orange with the lens cap off! I think you could do something on the plain lens cap eh? LEATHER ORANGE CAP OMG.

  2. ddboy4:19 pm

    <span>congrats on owning an LX3! 
    and your cam is so smexy, all orangey, so chio! 
    im also a LX3 user,you should've attached your lens cap string at the right side of your camera(where your wrist strap is), its so much more convenient for camwhore, and doesn't have the lens cap obstructing or hitting your precious camera. 
    i also have my wrist strap and lens cap hooked at the same bracket/hook, so don't worry about space constraint ;) </span>

  3. missx2:29 am

    hey there! care to share where you mask your lx3? would love to mask mine too :)  thanks!

  4. lindy4:37 pm

    WAOOh...very nice eh. I oso want to buy lei. What brand ah.

  5. kelly9:05 pm

    HOT STUFF! :D :D (: (:

  6. Hi where did you buy your LX3? It is cheaper than what I have been finding. I went to the IT fair but it was $780+++ thanks.

  7. hey, where did you do your skinning?

  8. Doubt9:42 am

    Uhmm, today's date and the post's date is huge difference (but nvm :X) Hey, you like orange? =O Where do you get that that hoodie from (the one as your blog picture)?

  9. xiaoxue2:32 pm

    Hi, may I know where your mask your camera? So pretty! And I'm too lazy to bling my camera myself.

  10. Joshua Ong5:44 pm

    pretty pretty camera! share with us where u masked it? 

  11. Anonymous5:51 pm

    how you made the cover camera??