I thought I was dying, seriously.

May 23, 2010

(Erm... Thought I should blog it down to record this incident)


Shall start with my big ass picture first to tell you all that I'm alive!

You know, few days back something pretty big (well, at least to me) happen to me and make me realise that life is so fragile and it scares me damn bad!

Everything was so normal that morning, as usual.

And we had some kind of physical training to start the day off, and everytime without fail, I was able to go through it smoothly, but not this time round. I also don't know why, after running for awhile (2 sets), I started to feel alittle nauseas and started seeing some black spots. So I thought it's time that I should sound off to stop the training as I'll feeling pretty horrible at that point of time.

And the next thing I know was, people commenting that my face was really pale and was being hold up by them and move to a better ventilated place.

That was when I had blackout and fainted.


Cause when I blackout and fainted (as much as I know), I see flashback of all the random images of the past and stuff and so, I thought I'm going to die already what! As all the drama always show that when the actor/actress is going to die what right!!

It's really really crazy, I tell you!

And after that I didn't know what happen until I woke up and realise I'm already sitting down with some people around me asking how I am feeling.

I was then send to medical centre via ambulance and with the reservist doctor there whom deem that I'm alright and just need some rest.

From the way he talk and ask question, I can already know that he's totally unprofessional! He ask question like, "How long did you faint?".

Wtf will I know how long I faint, seriously??!!!

He thinks I got go check the watch before I faint and when I woke up, check the watch again is it? Or like I got put stopwatch to see how long I've fainted?!!

Really siao one lor!!

Some of the questions he ask, I totally cannot answer him at all cause it was when I was having the blackout and fainted! HOW WOULD I POSSIBLY KNOW ALL THE DETAILS WHEN I FAINTED RIGHT??!! Mad stupid man! Was really annoyed by him at that point of time! Zzzzzz!

But I'm getting better and better now after much rest!!

Though it's a pretty traumatizing incident to me cause I've never ever in my life fainted before, and this is the really first one and hopefully the last one too! And also, I really thought I was dying so it really scares me damn bad that time!

Lucky I never die ah, if not I cannot get to travel on the plane before I die (I'm going Hong Kong in June! Yayyyyyy!!). Also, if can choose to die lah, I also don't wanna die inside camp lor! Siao only!

*touch wood! choy choy*

Well, and I specially need to thanks Lucas (he very funny lah, keep ask me to blog and share about it) who is there to takecare of me when I go to the medical centre and also, the sticky cui jw! :)

Though I feel very embarrassed after that (cause I fainted in front of so many people), but I'm glad that this shitty thing actually happen to me to let me know that I really got to cherish and treasure what I have now. Also to takecare of my health!

We are all like that one lor!

We will only get to understand or realise the importance of something, when 'something' bad happen to us one! Tsktsktsktsktsktsktsk!


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  1. Eileen Ong7:13 pm

    Omg, sounds pretty serious.

  2. linjie7:23 pm

    Do take care and rest more! :)

  3. Angelus7:34 pm

    Takecare lots alrights? ;D

  4. Bloob7:51 pm

    Takecare!! :)

  5. missylva8:03 pm

    aiyoh.. take care :D

  6. You look damn cute on the top picture! :K
    Take care though ~ :)

  7. Sherrill9:08 pm

    Take care! Haha. And buy things for me when you come back from HongKong! ^^ Haha. Joking only. :D (:

  8. AH CUTE!!
    Personally, you look a lot cuter like that, in somewhat ordinary hair, than last time!
    Just my opinion. :D
    Maybe I just have this thing for tanned guys,

    Take care! <3

  9. clarence.1:56 am

    good that u're ok.
    the fainting feeling is really pretty scary.
    nearly blacked out once and had the same black spots thing. 
    did it look like black/gray TV static ?

    sounds like you were either dehydrated or just didnt have enough energy at the time.

  10. lindy2:54 pm

    LOLS. Take care lots ah BEN! I don't want to attend your funeral first!

    Meet up real soon cannnn?!!!!

  11. colleen4:06 pm

    LMAO....... XD!

  12. i actually experienced the same thing before! for my case, it was dehydration. ._.

  13. Miss Babara4:39 pm

    <span>Dear Benjamin, </span>
    How are you currently? I hope you're fine. I really advise you to go for English tuition as I have spotted quite a pathetic number of grammatical and spelling errors in your blog posts. This is for your own good if you do aspire to become a good and infamous blogger over the Net. I do enjoy reading your posts though. Other than the errors you've made, interesting post! 
    Yours Sincerely, 
    Miss Babara</span>

  14. That is dehydration in case you do not know.

  15. Babara is a funny name.

  16. Elise2:53 pm

    <span>It happens to me all the time. And Raine also. Hahaha.. It's just low blood sugar. Next time it happens, go to the nearest place, sit down, take deep breaths, pop sweets into your mouth and close your ends, rest a few minutes then you'll be okay. </span><span> :) </span>

  17. Anonymous4:08 pm

    <span><span> </span><span><span>i tink u shldnt be so angry at de doctor, althoyght i oso agree that its impossible for u to estimate de duration of yr fainting,couldnt be timing w/ a stopwatch while u fainted lol... but i guess de doctor has no witness to tell him how long u fainted lor, tts y asked u mah, he need to judge yr condition thus must noe yr fainting duration bah. i myself oso had such fainting experience w/ a serious stomache at de moment, i was leting old cold sweat, w/ no energy to walk. limbs all no energy, was walking while seeing black spots while in a shopping, de pain caused me no energy to walk n i thought i was fainting alreadi, very wear out . in de end i didnt faint.</span></span></span>