Love = Football, by Puma

June 10, 2010

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What's the current thing that everyone is anticipating for?

Yes yes yes! It's the FIFA World Cup 2010!!!

I foresee many of you will stay up and catch all the matches no matter how late it is, and I totally feel the excitement and the hype about it since so many people (and the media too) are talking about it now! Yeepieeee!

So in conjunction with the up coming FIFA World Cup, Puma wants you and in fact, everyone around you to celebrate with them and share the love!


But, like how?

.... By using, Foursquare!

For those who have been playing with it all along (me and ran also did use it too), or even to those who haven not yet, Puma will reward you just by 'checking-in'.

All we have to do is, same as usual:

1. Check-in using Foursquare to the selected PUMA outlets at Vivocity and Ngee Ann City

2. After checking in, drop a tip on Foursquare to show why you ‘love’ that particular outlet

3. Then, show your Foursquare application to the cashier to win a selected premium

4. And this promotion will last for a month, this June only

Seems really fun!

And Puma is one of the first few brands in Singapore to use Foursquare as one of their promotion and I hope we can have more of this soon! Wait wait wait!

Not only that....

To hype it up even hotter, Puma have brought together, the up and coming local talent and the ‘foreign legion’ of the S.League to be their ambassador and also, to support the passion of football!


3 (out of 10) of the ambassador!

The 10 ambassador (from Home United, Tampines Rovers FC & Etoile FC) will be part of the unique AMUP tribe that is calling for members in a unique football celebration, the ‘Tribunal’ that does not need talent or even skill.

It will be over at Ion Orchard, on 12th and 13th June 2010!

And you can also get to meet the 10 ambassador live, plus the showcase of Puma's never before seen Autumn Winter 2010 collection with them making a special appearance.

Spread the love! Win selected premium!

Gather and have fun for the love of football this FIFA World Cup, with Puma! :)


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