HAHA! My friend got cheated again!

July 31, 2010

Just came back from our last NDP rehearsal (the next one will be the actual day itself already! So fast lor) and something really funny happened just now which make me burst into laughter!

I really laugh like mad lor!

So when the rehearsal ended, I thought of heading into the mall to get some small bites and cold cold drink, so we ended up at cold storage! Cause the other time I remember I got buy the jumbo hotdog and its pretty nice so I went over to the section and heard the aunty shouting:

"50% offer! Everything here 50%"!

Then obviously, the cheapo me bought 2 (bacon roll with hot dog and some chili hotdog thingy) and one of my friend, kenny bought too!

Couldn't wait to leave after we buy cause the aunties there keep talking to us and strangers too! Don't know why also! Maybe they like to flirt with guys in uniform or something! Hahahaha! Then we head to the chiller to get our drinks, and this is when our another friend came to find us after he uses the gents and the aunty-like us told him about the great deal for the jumbo hotdog we bought!

So we went back and we told the aunty,

"Aunty! You see! We introduce our friend to come buy from you leh!"

Aunty: "Wahhh! Good good! Come all 50%! Choose what you want"

My friend, Py then said: "Ehhh! I don't know which to buy leh"

Aunty immediately interrupted with: "Anyhow buy lah! All 50%! Cheap!"

Then Py in the end chooses.

"Aunty I want one of this!"

Then what we saw next was the aunty pick up TWO of it and place it into the bag, so my friend quickly tell the aunty, "Aunty I only want one leh" but the aunty don't even care and just use her hand and gave the 'go away hand signal' but it meant 'nevermind' instead!

(Aiya! If you can get what I mean!)

Then my friend thought she only wanna charge him the price of 1 hotdog instead of 2 but he was wrong! The aunty just charge him the price for 2 hotdog ! Hahahhahahhah!

Mad funny I tell you, and I really laugh damn loud after seeing it cause its not the first time already lor! He always get taken advantage of, by aunties! Hahahahaha!

Omg! Hilarious shit! Now I see his face I also wanna laugh!

p/s: I know he actually can confront the aunty and tell her he just want 1 but I think just forget it since we are nice people (heheheh!) and in uniform somemore! I mean since this is not some big issue or what expensive stuff then we just suan le lor!

p/p/s: Talking about wearing uniform, I totally hate wearing it to travel especially on public transport! Basically means you cannot sit one! But it really make my day when that time I took mrt and gave up this seat to this old lady, she was really really happy and keep smiling and looking back at me! Eventhough I'm mad tired cause I stand all the way from the east to west, but her smile suddenly made my leg not that tired anymore!


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  1. haha. i find its not really funny cos i nv look at his face. but ur mad laughing cause me to laugh also. lol!