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August 08, 2010

Recently, I just went to had a hair cut and it turns out really disastrous!

You guys might have know if you're following me on twitter cause I'm ranting about it so so so much! Cause it ended up, not what I really expected it to be!

That day, before I went for the hair cut (actually I don't wanna cut one lor but it's really too long! somemore have to cut for NDP also), I was taking pictures for my advert so my hair was styled, full of wax and was so lazy to wash it off after that, so I just straight away go and have my hair cut.

I went to this Malay barber shop, cause to me, I find it no difference and seriously no difference on where you cut your hair (doesn't mean atas salon cut nice hair, which is a misconception of alot of people!) but only how you tell them to cut and how you style it in the end!

I still withhold my stand on this, even after this incident!!!!

CAUSE it's not because of their skills is lousy or what, but is because, I THINK, they're alittle ANNOYED OF MY HEAVILY WAXED HAIR!!!

And I realise even they want to wash away my wax from my hair, they can't cause mostly Malay barber don't have the washing facilities! Kua kua kuaaaa~

And and and, I think the person cutting my hair was annoyed when the comb after afew cut, is stuck with hair and even the scissors! My whole hair was so stiff, so he have to use loads of force to comb it up or down just to cut it! Hahahahaha! Quite funny actually! :x

You imagineeeeeeeeeeeeee:

♥ Have to touch a sticky and hard hair making your whole hand sticky!

♥ Need to use so much force to actually lift up the hair to cut it, somemore with the hair keep getting stuck when combing up cause it's heavily waxed!

♥ Upon cutting, comb and scissors is stuck with the hair and need to use hands to actually remove them EVERY AFTER EACH CUT! EVERY AFTER EACH CUT LEH!

Siao lor! If it's me I also will be angry or pissed lah!

Somemore, I tell you this barber is not those lousy or anyhow kind! He cuts pretty well and is always very detailed in cutting (even for army boys hair!) and can cut up to 30mins for my kind of hair, you say kua zhang anot!! I know, cause it's not the first time I went what!

But I think this time round, of my 'wax factor' that makes him harder to cut, thus the whole hair cut turns out to be 45mins long!!!!!!!! Wtfbbq!!!

And somemore not nice also! :(

The whole hair is so weird, the fringe is the worse part of all cause it's really thin and layered! Make me have to style my hair even when I'm in camp lor (but my friends say after styling it, it looks pretty alright) cause it's really horrible looking to me without styling it!

Anyway, some pictures of myself I took yesterday!

Exactly a week after my hair cut! I don't think it's nice still! T__T




Met up with Taiwei, my really good buddy in my Secondary school days! I think the last time we saw each other was at my birthday party lor!

8 months liaoooo! How fast man!



Houndstooth cup!


Ting was there too!!


Yum yum! I'm a greedy cat!




Love their chili soft shell crab burger! Real yummy!


See! My hair looks weird still!

Oh! And I just realise that I didn't take picture with him! -.-

Well, really nice catching up with him and nice ranting of mine today! Hahaha! Carry reading, I ensure you more post are coming up real soon! Like the HK trip pictures! :)


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  1. jfook9:44 am

    I guess the front part should be longer...HAHA

  2. <span>BENTO ! ITS OKAY ! i think it looks fine. hahaha.</span>