Say YES!, to OCBC YES! Card.

August 13, 2010

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Well, of course... with the help of the new,


A NEW debit card where you can get to pay for anything, anytime, anywhere in any way.


Love to eat?

OCBC YES! Card allows you to enjoy the benefits, privileges and discounts of OCBC Cardmembers at 1000 outlets over Singapore! Yummy! More details here!


No cash with you? Not to worry!

With OCBC YES! Card, you can pay by VISA, VISA Pay-Wave or even NETs! Which mode of payment you want it to be done with, you can!


Book tickets online easily, or by phone pay!
Just provide your card number to the operator and it's done! Fast!


Overseas? You still can use OCBC YES! Card!

With over 855000 ATMs overseas (and 400 locally), you can easily gain access to your cash as long as you have your card with you!




Did I not mention that, it can be used as a EZ-Link too?!!


Easily and able to pay for your pretty clothings or gadgets that you wanna ship from overseas!
No fret if you ain't got credit card anymore!!!

Isn't that awesomeeeeeeeeee??

A card which is so versatile (can use VISA, VISA Pay-Wave, NETs, and is also an EZ-Link, Cash Card & ATM card!! crazy lor!!!) and obviously will bring convenience to all, especially youngsters like us, it's pretty cool!

I can't wait to get this card on hand, cause it sure comes in handy for me!

Cause I always forget to top up my EZ-Link card which then makes me very worried when I'm about to board any public transport (worse when you really got no sufficient value inside, you realise you got no coins with you T_T).

And of course, I can have more benefits and discounts when doing shopping!

For more details of the OCBC YES! Card, you can go here or....


Pop by any OCBC branch!





But for the lazier ones,

You can click here to apply for the OCBC YES! Card online!!

* * *

Oei! Wait wait wait! Still got lah!

Wah! This part you cannot miss (especially those cheapo people! hahahahaha!), cause it's the time again where you guys can get to win awesome stuff! But no, cause this time round OCBC came out with something which I thought it's really creative and fun which is the...


OCBC YES! Card Challenge!!!

I tell you, to me, this is really really really fun!!!

Cause foremost, you get to win yourself $8000 and also, you will get a camera crew to film you and appear on TV! Okay, this is how the challenge goes...

♥ Film yourself telling us what you would if you were given $8000 to spend within 24 hours

♥ Go to to submit your entry

♥ Get your friends and family members to vote for you because the judges’ top 2 video choices and 1 viewers’ top voted video would get to live out their challenge for real

♥ Which means that OCBC is giving those with interesting ideas a chance to make it happen! Providing a camera crew that will film you bringing your idea to life, giving you a chance to be a star on TV!

How fun and exciting is that?!!! Not 1 but 3 people leh!!!!

I think I'm so gonna join it, if I can find the time to do out the video! Busy! :(

But I already roughly got in mind what I'll spend it on, if I were given $8000 to spend within 24 hours! Wanna know anot? Hahahahaha!



Can you believe that we have never go for a holiday together before?

So if I win, I really hope I can use this money to buy air tickets to some country and the 4 of us can go for a holiday together as a family! And it will be really nice!


I think if I win hor, most of the credits are by you guys cause I'm sure I'll ask you people to vote and I might win since I'm so famo... HAHAHAAHA!

So to thank you guys, I'll open up a party and invite all of you to come party and play together!
How sweet right! :p


Okay! Must be frank to oneself!

I'll definitely keep some of the money to go for shopping! I'll then buy whatever I see that it's nice that day and without considering! Pampering yourself alittle is good sometimes! :)

That's about it for mine!

Though I would wish to do more things but I doubt $8000 is enough to do anything more liao! So what about you guys? How will you spend the $8000?

Do film yourself telling it and you might really win the $8000!

Here's the link again to submit your entry or to view and vote what the others have submitted!

That's all from me for now! Get your creative juices flowing! :)


p/s: Do check out OCBC's Facebook page as well for updates!


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